Woman Held for Shooting Doctor Associated Press 08/20/93 Rachelle Renae Shannon remains ja

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Woman Held for Shooting Doctor ------------------------------ Associated Press 08/20/93 Rachelle Renae Shannon remains jailed in Wichita, Kan, today on an attempted murder charge after allegedly shooting Dr. George Tiller outside his abortion clinic. Tiller, who wasn't seriously wounded in the attack, was just leaving the clinic he runs when Shannon allegedly strode up to his Chevy Suburban and fired through the window, hitting the doctor once in each arm. Witnesses said the attacker had been handing out anti-abortion leaflets outside Tiller's clinic before the attack. Shannon, 37, was taken into custody at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Okla, when she returned a rental car matching the one in which the assailant fled, said Capt Bill Citty, Oklahoma City police spokesman. Tiller, one of the few US doctors who perform late-term abortions, has been a frequent target of protests. His clinic was 1 of 3 picketed by Operation Rescue during protests 2 years ago that led to 2700 arrests. The doctor sometimes wore bulletproof gear during the protests and traveled with a guard dog, but was using neither protective measure Thursday. Tiller, 52, was treated at a hospital and released. "He said he wasn't going to complain about birthdays any more," said Peggy Jarman, his spokeswoman. "He said he was glad to be alive." Witnesses told police the woman who fired the shots had joined a small demonstration outside the Women's Health Care Services Clinic, handing out literature and talking with the protesters. Pat Kraus of Wichita, who frequently pickets outside the clinic, said the woman introduced herself as "Ann" from the Sacramento, Cal, area, adding that she had flown to Oklahoma City, rented a car and driven to Wichita. Shortly after the shooting, a dozen people stood outside the clinic, carrying candles and signs reading, "Keep Abortion Legal." "I just feel so bad," said Marie Smith, who works in the office. "She wanted him to die. How can they call themselves Christians and then kill people?" Abortion-rights supporters condemned the shooting. "They are 'true believers' who believe they have a direct line to God, and anything is justified," said Patricia Ireland, president of National Organization for Women. "They are very frightening, and they intend to be very frightening." On March 10, Dr David Gunn was killed outside a Pensacola, Fla, clinic. An abortion foe, Michael Griffin, has been charged with Gunn's slaying-- the first of its kind in the US. Gunn was shot during an anti-abortion demonstration sponsored by Houston-based Rescue America, whose founder, Don Treshman, helped set up a fund for Griffin's family. [The murderers family?!?!? Not Dr. Gunns' family?!?!? What?!?] "We are sure to see more of these incidents," Treshman said. "This shooting, while unfortunate, will result in babies' [sic] lives being saved."


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