** READER NOTICE ** The news story on the next page is very sad. If you do not want to hav

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** READER NOTICE ** The news story on the next page is very sad. If you do not want to have your entire day ruined by the complete waste of it all do not proceed past this page. It must be said however this is one outcome that Atheists fear from religious teachings, especially to the very young. It is a major reasons we believe in the separation of church and state and are offended by the possibility of someone putting these kind of ideas into the minds of our children. Six-Year-Old's Death Ruled a Suicide ------------------------------------ A family in Dania, Fla, is trying to cope with double tragedy today, after a 6-year-old girl apparently stood in front of a train to be with her mother in heaven. The girl's mother reportedly is suffering from a terminal illness. Jackie Johnson told some other children she had been walking with she wanted "to become an angel and be with her mother," said Jim Leljedal, spokesman for the Broward County Sheriff's Office. "She pushed me off the track," said her 8-year-old brother, Valerius Fox. "I said, 'Get off the track!' She wouldn't get off the track though." "When she ran up close to the train, she got hit," the boy said. Dr Ronald Wright, the county medical examiner, ruled the girl's death a suicide. The girl was walking to school Tuesday with her brother, 7-year-old sister and a 7-year-old cousin when they crossed the railroad tracks, police said. Jackie was living with her grandmother because her mother, Carla Johnson, has a terminal illness, authorities said. The nature of the illness wasn't disclosed. "The other 3 children stood clear of the tracks as the 63-car northbound train approached," Leljedal said. "But Jackie deliberately remained in its path." Jackie apparently turned her back at the last moment, but did not move from the tracks, Wright said. She was thrown 20 feet, and suffered a broken neck.


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