Austin Miles, in his book 'Don't Call Me Brother,' talks about homosexuality and child mol

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Austin Miles, in his book "Don't Call Me Brother," talks about homosexuality and child molestations within the christian religion; to be specific, homosexuality and child molestations by clergy. Book cover: XXXXX X heir names and stories are all too familiar: Jim Jones, Jim X and Tammy Bakker, Richard Dortch, John Wesley Fletcher, Pat X Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts -- the movers and shakers of high-tech televangelism. But what about the name- less people whos lives they affected -- the victims who believed them? _Don't_Call_Me_Brother_ is the true story of one such family destroyed by "born-again" christanity. It is also a powerfull testimony about those people who claim to be the representitives of god, as seen through the eyes of a man who was one of them. A successfull circus ringmaster, Austin Miles was persuaded to leave the "sinful" world of show business for a better life in evangelism. He was recruited into the Assemblies of god movement and ordaned a minister. He was Jim Bakker's first "celebrity guest" on the PTL show, and in the ten years that followed, Miles saw the entire PTL story unfold. He saw how profit-making religious trends were organized and implemented; how carefully planned "financial crises" brough in millions of dollars; how spiritual leaders used their power to intimidate and blackmail. And he was a witness to the events surroudning one of the most notorious sex scandals of the decade. When Miles finally broke free of the Assemblies of god, he had lost his wife, his daughter, his life savings, and his health. - - - - Page 148: I became increasingly aware of the astonishing prevalence of homosexuality among Assemblies of god ministers. "Why couldn't the people see this?" I wondered. I had resisted seeing it myself, even though my early experiences as victim [of clergy sexual abuse-FLR] ought to have sensitized me. But the faithfull accepted effeminate characteristics in ministers as examples of the gentelness and tenderness of christ. In one large church, the pastor was standing next to the handsome young song leader, near where I was sitting on the platform. During an exuberant congregational song, the pastor glanced over at the young man, winked his eye, smacked his lips, and said, "Oh, you're so gorgeous I could just eat you up!" During a regional ministers convention, within earshot of me, a pastor sidled up to a boy who belonged to the Royal Rangers, an Assemblies youth organization. He said to the boy, "My wife will be gone for the next four days. Why don't you come and sleep with me?" At a district meeting of ministers in New York, one respected pastor tweaked the cheek of another Assemblies pastor. The first pastor came back a few moments later and playfully twitched the second pastors ear with his fingers. The second pastor walked over to me shaking his head. Smacking his lips, he said, "That makes me so _mad_ when he twitches my ear like that." I began to take special note of this sort of behavior in my ministers as I went from church to church all over the United States and Canada. I recorded my impressions in my journal. Reviewing my journal, the proportion I have reason to suspect were homosexually inclined -- from whom there had come some sort of clear demonstration of lascivious attention to another male in my presence -- is a staggering eight out of ten. Eighty percent! And the great majority of them had what appeared to be good marriages. The prevalence of Assemblies of god ministers committing -- and getting away with -- child mollestation is a horror of the first magnitude. Reverand E. R. Schultz, District Secretary of the Florida District of the Assemblies, told me of a seventy-five-year-old pastor in his district who had recently been caught molesting a twelve-year-old girl. He had told the girl that it was time for her to learn about sex, that young boys would teach her wrong, so he would teach her about it properly. "What did you do with him?" I asked. "Transfered him out of the district," Schultz replied. Later, I learned that the offending pastor had been transfered to Florida from yet another district, where he had been involved in a similar incident. And Eugene Profeta was kicked out altogether for tipping his hairdresser twenty dollars! Incidents of Assemblies ministers found patronizing prostituts were on the rise. But that kind of sorid behavior tended to remain hidden, unless rivalries among preachers provided someone an incentive to expose the offending minister. Even though I had become aware of the sexual perversion rampant among the ministers, I was so wrapped up in the church that I rationalized it all away. Perhaps god let me see all this to impress upon me that he needed true ministers through whom he could work miracles and bring about a revival. And did not satan come as a wolf in sheeps clothing, or disguised as an angel of light? Looking back, I can see I clearly had lost perspective. Before I was "Saved," I would _never_ have even _considered_ associating with such people!


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