From a somewhat conservative newspaper in Newport News, VA: attributed to George W. Cornel

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From a somewhat conservative newspaper in Newport News, VA: attributed to George W. Cornell, "Association Press" -- I assume "Associated Press", but that's what the byline says. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Titled "Religions Fighting Back, Scholars Report": - Describes study of a "monumental" fundamentalism project sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Headed by Rev. Martin E. Marty and historian-research associate R. Scott Appleby. - Expectations of "enlightened age of sheer rationalism" have encountered a "global storm" of religious fundamentalism". "... the unforeseen, religion-linked turmoil seems most everywhere: in biblical "inerrancy" and Operation Rescue crusades in this country, Christian violence in Ireland, West Bank Jewish expansionism, Buddhist militancy in Sri Lanka, Christian-Muslim battling in ex-Communist states, Muslim absolutisms in Iran and Sudan and Hindu rampages in India." "...Traditional cultures, with values based in religious teachings, are finding that those values are undermined by the push to modernize societies according to the 'Western' model," Appleby said. "It's not simply a revival of religion that was dead and is now coming back. Fundamentalists see it as a crisis in which normal procedure must be suspended and they must fight back or their tradition will be lost." "... While some [fundamentalisms] are seen as exploiting religion for power, most are considered committed to religion, yet _distortingly narrowing it_ to defend it. "...You don't go to the barricades ready to die unless you're sure God is counting on you. They're people who can't tolerate _ambiguity, paradox, or compromise_, that you win some, lose some, and God takes care of himself." (Marty) "...The industrialized West "unwittingly had thought the rest of the world eventually would think the way we thought and that religion would just go away or turn very moderate" but just the opposite has happened. "We lived off the enlightenment and thought everything would be reasonable and rational and that our investments in science would pay off," but events have shattered that vision, he [Marty] said. "Now the West is uncertain. All kinds of forces are filling the vacuum..."


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