Prescript: This silliness was downloaded from the Nazi-4-christ network. It appears to be

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Prescript: This silliness was downloaded from the Nazi-4-christ network. It appears to be a christian ritual to summon their god "Satan," near as I can tell. Satanists do not sacrifice living beings, human or animal. August 31, 1990, David rice =========================== Text Begins ========================= Note: This file is a transcription of a prepared booklet that was being used by certain youth in my community before one of them was saved. While being involved in the Satan worship, animal sacrifices were preformed and other acts. This textfile is presented only for the purpose if educating the Christian community as to the actions of some children and we might be more informed as to what is taking place behind our backs. Dear Member, Welcome to the good times ahead: First off Satan and his organization would like to thank you for showing faith and solidarity: we are sure that through our mutual help of one and other we will defeat the diseased minds of the priests of the churches and temples of the world that seek to slander our mighty lord Lucifer: Eventually, our mighty leader Satan will regain his position of prominence: Those who help in our crusade will be rewarded handsomely, your every dream will be fullfilled: Those who work against our master will be punished: In all our years of research of the different ways to make contact with the mighty Satan, our experience has taught us that the most effective way is as follows: First you must get yourself a table which will serve as your alter. Next, you need a sword to lay on the alter. Use a long knife if no sword is available. Next you need a chalice or a goblet filled with wine. Next you need a parchment or a piece of brown paper if a piece of commercial parchment is unavailable. Do not kill an animal if none is available. Next you need a black candle. As far as clothing is considered, it is definatily prefered to ware a black robe. If black is unavailable, simply get any color and dye it black. Now you must wait until the sun sets and it is dark. Next you must be totally and completely alone in your house or apartment. Satan does not make group mettings. This is an extremely personal and confidential affair. Place all the elements on your alter. Turn off your light. Light the candle and repeat: "Emperor Lucifer, master of the rebellious spirits, I beg you to be favourable to me, when now I call for your minister, the great Lucifuge Rofocale, as I desire to sign a contract with him. I beg also that Prince Beelsebub may protect my enterprise. O Astaroth, great count, be favourable likewise, and make it possible for the great Lucifuge to appear to me in human form and force, without bad ordour, and that he grant me, by the agreement which I am ready to sign with him, all riches I need. O great Lucifuge, I pray that you leave your dwelling wherever it may be to come here and speak to me." Next you must write on the parchment whatever you desire. (You only do this for the first time till your wish is fullfilled. After just place the inscribed contract on the alter.) Do youself a favour and set your sights on logical goals, it takes time for Satan to gradually take you into his confidence. Next take a small pinch of the sacred powder and sprinkle it over the candle. Now chant the following 3 times: In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon me: Open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother (sister) and friend: Grant me the indulgences of which I speak: I have taken thy name as part of myself: I live as the beasts of the fields, rejoicing in the fleshly life: I fovor the just and curse the rotten: By all the Gods of the pit, I command that these things of which I speak shall come to pass: Come forth and answer to your names by manifesting my desires: After you have done this you should take the sword, hold it with both hands straight in front of your self and state: Hail Satan: Hail Satan: Hail Satan: Behold: The mighty voices of my vengenance smash the stillness of the air and stand as monoliths of wrath upon a plain writhing serpants. I am become as a monstrous machine of annihilation to the festering fragments of the body of he (or she) who whould detain me. It repenteth me not that my summons doth ride upon the blasting winds which multiply the sting of my bitterness; And grant black slimy shapes shall rise from brackish pits and vomit forth their pustulence into his (her) puny brain. I call upon the messengers of doom to slash with grim delight this victim I have chosen. Silent is that voiceless bird that feeds upon the brain-pulp of him (her) who hath tormented me, and the agony of the is to be shall sustain itself in shrieks of pain, only to serve as signals of warning to those who would resent my being. Oh come forth in the name of Abaddon and destroy him (her) whose name I giveth as a sign. Oh great brothers of the night, thou who makest my place of comfort, who rideth out upon the hot winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the devil's fane; move and appear: Present youselves to him (her) who sustaineth the rottenness of the mind that moves the gibbering gaggling tongue and close his (her) throat, Oh Kali; Pierce his (her) lungs with the stings of scorpions. Oh Sekhmet: Plunge his (her) substance into the dismal void, Oh mighty Dagon: I thrust aloft the bard of Hell and on its tines resplendently impaled my sacrifice through vengeance rests: Hail Satan: Hail Satan: Hail Satan: Now you take a few sips from the goblet. Once you have completed the first half of the ceremony you are ready to begin the second half. Before you do, however you must understand several things. They are as follows: You must realize that all things belong to the mighty Satan and that you can only have tempory use of them. You must not be so vain-glorious as to think that you own anything. You come into the world destitute of everything and go out of it with nothing except character -- and some go with out that: While you remain here you may borrow from Satan something or nothing according to you manner of thinking. Now you should go over to your bed and lie down on your back with your arm stretched out by your side. Your legs should also be stretched out and not crossed. Now in order to draw from the vast reserviour of infernal power residing in out master you must guide your mind as follows: FIRST: Meditate and ask Satan if there is any reason why you should not have the thing you desire to create. This removes all uncertainty from your mind about the advisability of creating it. Uncertainty produces a negative condition, disturbs your aura and therefore delays the materialization of your creations. When you have received the answer that is right and proper for you to have the thing you desire, you are then in a positive condition of mind and can forcefully draw from Satans vast reservoir of infernal power. SECOND: Having decided to create something make you mental picture of it and demand it unfalteringly until it comes. A person after having received a favorable answer from Satan often commences his creations, but abandons them after a time because his objective mind suggests that he may have been mistaken about his answer from Satan and it is not best to continue with his demmands. Do not listen to the suggestions from your objective mind, but once having decided upon your creations go on with them to the end. THIRD: A positive demand accomplishes more and better results than a request or a petition. The mental attitude while making a demand should always be reverential but very positive. FOURTH: Demand from Satan specifically what you want. Every word of this rule is important. First you must make a demand. Then that demand must be specific. Make your mental picture clear-cut. The clearer your mental picture, the sooner it will materialize. Demand speifically what you want -- not what some one else wants you to have, not what you believe it is your duty to want -- but what you believe you yourself, wish to have. The converse of this rule is equally important. Never demand what you do not want. If you want money do not demand work. Almost everyone makes that mistake when the begin to make demands from Satan because it is hard to break the customs of many years. Diseased bodies and unhappy conditions of mind are the result of selfish demands made to our mighty master without proper patronage paid to him. FIFTH: Only demand when your desire is strong. When you feel the need of a thing , your desire for it is strongest. Many followers of our leader begin enthusiastically to make their demands, but soon grow lukewarm. A good way to intensify your desires is to think of the pleasure the possession of the thing would give you, and when the desire for it comes sweeping over you then make a demand for it. Do not demand only when the hour set apart for demanding and paying homage to our lord Satan has come, or because you regard it as duty you have assumed. Demands made under such conditions amount to nothing, and the time put into work of this kind is wasted. SIXTH: Mind works best when the body is still. If you are drumming with your fingers or swinging your feet while making demands, a part of your mental force goes into physical motions you are making; and your forces being devided , the mental work is robbed of much of its power. You should conserve your force. At intervals during the day you may think of your demands and you can hold them sub-consciously in mind much of the time; and while this kind of picture-making does not accomplish as much as when the body is at rest it does help in increasing your ability to draw from the infernal power of Satan. SEVENTH: Never demand when excited. You may have a strong desire but no excitement. A demand made during intense excitement is always met forcefully. This is an important rule, the observance of which may save you much inconvience. At times it is quite likely that you may become impatient and are tempted to make postitive and often violent demands. It is a dangerous thing to do as we shall show you through this illustration. At one time we had a follower of CASH who had met with several misfortunes. Disasters followed each other till everything he had on the material plane was swept away. But after joing CASH he learned how to make demands from Satan. He demanded ten thousand dollars from Satan, which to him was financial opulence. However the demand was not met immediately, and our follower became impatient and finally angry. And when he awakened one morning to find himself without money enough to pay for his breakfast, he walked to the park, threw himself upon the ground and lay there for several hours with his teeth set, hands clenched and with perspiration standing out all over his body, so intense was his excitement while making his demand for money he has pictured. The next day he boarded a freight train and after the usual delays and inconveniences attending upon transporttion of that kind, out member managed to reach a western town. But he had no sooner entered the place than a cyclone came along and swept it off the face of the earth. When our member came to consciousness he was lying on the ground some distance from the place where he was at the last moment of his recollections. His body was a mass of bruises, and when he tried to rise to his feet he found one leg broken. Bodies of dead animals and men lay around him and wagon loads of debris were strewn in all directions; but just within reach of his arm lay a plethoric leather wallet. Our member reachet his best arm out and got the wallet and immediately examind its contents. There were just ten-one thousand dollar bills in it and not a scrap of paper or card to tell whom it belonged. He placed the money in his pocket of his ragged coat and crept on his hands and knees for some distance till someone came to his relief. He was cared for and finally got well. The owner of the money count not be found, and our member kept the money as an answer to his violent demand which nearly cost him his life. We are not saying that our member caused the cyclone. But he was drawn into it and suffered the horrors of it because of his own tempestuous mental condition when making a demand which had to be met after the manner that it was made. EIGHTH: Always be deliberate and quiet but positivd when demanding help from Satan. Never demand in a hurry. Mental perturbation engendered by hurry, delays Satans help in the materialization of your creation. NINTH: Avoid speculating on the time when or the way in which your demands will be met by Satan. When you begin speculating about the ways and means by which your demonstrations will come, immediately the infernal power of Satan becomes scattered or divided and a repellent expectancy arises. There is an expectancy that draws and also one that repels. The quiet expectancy, is helpful in drawing to you whatever you have demanded. But the impatient expectancy of your objective mind is repellant because it causes your aura to become disturbed and then nothing you want can reach you. For example: You have made a demand from Satan and have commenced to wonder through whom Satan will fullfill your demand. Your objective mind suggests Mr. Blank as the most probable person, and if you accept the suggestion when you meet mr. Blank you are not mentally poised because of your impatient expentancy. Mr. Blank feels your mental condition and if he were inclined to form a business connection with you he would hesitate and become uncertain because of your perturbed condition; thus the ways and means that you expected to bring your demonstration would not be used because of your repellant expectancy. The member who violates this rule is likely to make bad investments TENTH: Anger, discontent, envy and lack of self-control repel and delay a demand. If you make a mental picture of a thing and hold it for a long time it will materialize, but it will be delayed if you indulge in any of the mental attitudes just mentioned; because any of these puts your aura into a perturbed condition, which is repellant. This rule is one of the hardest to observe but like anything else it can bve followed. It is the disregard of this rule which leads investigators and beginners to disbelieve in the infernal power of Satan and which makes too many followers of the almighty Satan finally abonden in despair their efforts to tap a part of this tremendous generator of power. ELEVENTH: The earnestness with which a demand is made, the frequency with which it is made and the persistency with which the mental image is consciously held in mind hastens the demonstration. The earnestness, the frequency and the persistency of your demands and concentration draw it faster and faster. Never destroy a mental picture. TWELVETH: The realization that you are using an immutable law hastens your demands from Satan. THIRTEENTH: After your creation is made and you have demanded it the declaration, "Satan has met my demand"' hastens the material manifestation of the demonstration. Once you have understood the above mentioned rule you are well on your way towards drawing from the infernal powers of the mighty Satan. However you must understand that you must as well work mentally in order to acomplish what ever you desire. Remember, results are absolutely certain if all laws are complied with. If you will but persist in your faith in Satan and continue to practice the procedure we have outlined there can be no limit to your possablities. If you can get Satan to demonstrate a piece of carpet three feet long you can get him to demonstrate a million dollars for you. If he can cure a headache, in the course of time he can cure any disease; if he can get you a seat in a streetcar he can get you a seat in the congress in the course of time. The more you follow and serve him the more he will do for you. It rests with you wheather you will or you will not serve him. There are some of you who will. There is always a percentage of persons who succeed and a percentage of persons who give up. Each of you can do with your knowledge what you choose. However this much is true, if you persist for one year to consciously help Satan you can be sure that at the end of the year your environment will be sufficiently better and demonstrations will have been made to prove to you that you are dealing with the infernal power of the mighty Satan: Looking forward to hearing from you and all your new accomplishments: HAIL SATAN: From: The Rock - Computers For Christ El Dorado, Arkansas (501) 864-0699


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