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POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and CRYSTAL WEENIES or WHAT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS *REALLY* IS Political correctness.......how much we've all heard on this subject!! But what is it, really?? The American conservative right calls "PC" a focussed effort to deprive rightists of freedoms of expression in certain places, as ANEWS user Matt Giwer suggests: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The recent outbreak of politically correct speech advocates people who agree, disagree, have never heard of a transient political agenda have their human right to speech violated by the use of force. The justifications are as above the presumption is to moral superiority. In fact the result is to terminate challenge to the political agenda of the hour and attempt to freeze it forever thus imposing the use of force upon individuals in denial of human rights until the end of time. This creates a political subclass of force where the correctness of the hour must be complied with, known or not, understood or not, else suffer. --------------------------------------------------------- Matt has a valid point here. The actual mechanics of politically correct speech, where NOTHING is allowed to be called what it in fact is, defeats all good and useful purposes. I will supply examples of this below. Hank Roth has the following to say about PC speech: ---------------------------------------------------------- "[P]olitical correctness" does not exist, and has never existed, as a body of political ideas. It is not an ideology, like socialism, liberalism, or nationalism, nor is it an organized (or disorganized) social movement. Nor is it a world view, a moral philosophy, a partisan organization, an intellectual trend, or even an academic faction. As a description of political ideas, "political correctness" expresses, literally, nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------- False. The term "Politically Correct Speech" signifies a MUTILATION of the English Tongue. Nowhere is one allowed to "Call a Spade a God Damned Shovel"; instead of pointing out that someone is "DISABLED", one must use the PC term "<> challenged", for only ONE example out of myriads, despite the fact that DISABLED is what in fact the person involved is! How quaint! Now, instead of facing the FACT that there are disabled people in our society, and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT in the form of greater accesses, better architecture, and other such things, we assign the problem a nice, euphemistic LABEL. The result of this is ALWAYS the same: the problem, prejudice, etc., gets swept under the rug by the boss classes, while everyone in the progressive community rejoices because of the kinder, gentler LABEL that the politically correct community has assigned the problem!! Can you say "WHITEWASHED SEPULCHERS" ?? You bet! Where this idea of PC Speech comes from isn't hard to find, either. The idea that speaking about a problem in kinder and gentler terms will make the problem go away or be cured or healed is straight from New Age Christianity -- and it's sheer, pure bovine scatological excreta. As I pointed out above, all that stating a problem in kinder and gentler terms ever accomplishes is to get that problem IGNORED by those with money and power, after at best a cosmetic effort at amelioration. The fact that there are still public and commercial buildings ANYWHERE with stair accesses testifies to this fact. So does the fact that women are still paid less then men for the same white-collar jobs, DESPITE the fact that the titles for the said jobs are now "PC", of course. But the women's PAYCHECKS are where the proof of the pudding is; and THOSE have not changed significantly!! Speaking of women, here's another place where PC Speech has really done nothing but harm. The spelling of the term WOMEN in English is as I have just used it, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. That's right: with MEN at the end. This IS the way the language is constructed, and doubtless for good reasons; all that using the pseudo-term "womyn", which NEVER will be a legitimate part of the English tongue, accomplishes, is to increase the division of one half of the working classes against the other -- at the EXACT TIME when that is the very thing that the working classes DO NOT need! Screw proper, kind, and gentle LABELS; what is needed is better and more equal TREATMENT for both sexes! Don't let the bosses try to get you to settle for some mangling of the language supposedly in your favor; that does NOT pay the bills worth a rat's ass!! On the other hand, if we all are encouraged to say what we in fact think and feel, INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY HATRED, in the terms which have been part of the language for centuries and will forever so remain, we have the advantage that we WILL in fact be understood by all speakers of English who happen to hear us. They may not LIKE what we have to say, BUT THEY WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO HEAR IT. Use of traditional English usages, definitions, and spellings ALONE has this advantage. If, to this, we then ADD a propensity to "CALL A SPADE A GOD-DAMNED SHOVEL" so to speak, and "ALWAYS call 'em as we see 'em", rather than assuage our consciences by use of some nice, comfortable euphemistic label, we might actually get some good DONE for those in our society and elsewhere who are disenfranchised and disempowered. This is something that New Age Crystal Weenie Politically Correct Speech does not, will never, and CAN NOT do. Most believers in PC Speech believe that some form of Deity, whether "The Universe", Jesus, Buddha, Jehovah, "The Ascended Masters", etc., will somehow be influenced by these kind and gentle labels to make hard empirical reality conform to the same, if only enough faith is exercised by the people involved. But those with the common sense and brains to actually solve these problems also have the common sense to know that there are no God[s], Ascended Masters, etc., and that all any human being has is himself and the one single lifetime that any human ever has to enjoy. Therefore, the said human, if he wants to see a given problem solved, CALLS IT WHAT IT IS, and then WORKS TOWARD THE SOLUTION. As the old IWW Union song goes: "O Lord, You see, I'm praying still; But if You won't, OUR UNION WILL Put pork chops on the bill of fare And starve no worker, anywhere!!" Whoever wrote that song knew where the truth and reality were at -- far and away more than some Politically Correct New Age Crystal Weenie who tries to sell us on these execrable kinder, gentler LABELS as a solution to anything!!


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