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________ | | | &@@@@& | l@@@@@@@@@l l& x x &l l( V )l jll( {---} )lll jlll (VVVVV)|lllj \\\! jjj| |VVV| |jjjj !/// \@@@____________| / V \|______________@@@/ | \ *\ / \ /* /| | \ \______/ \_______/ / | |_____\_______ , , __________/___| { } { } \ / | | |\ -|- /| |/ \| ( ) { } { ^ } { | | } | |/ /| { | } | |\ \ | | | \ \| | | U\* \ | | U\ \ | | UUU | | | | | |________| Yes, kids, now YOU too can win your very own "Echo Martyr of the Month" award. In order to take the prize you MUST do all of the following: 1. Look in the Group Listings for a group that, by its very name, is VERY likely to be populated with folks who do not share your opinions. (e.g. - if you are a homophobe, try alt.homosexual or alt.politics .homosexuality; if you are highly religious, try alt.atheism.) 2. Log into that group and post as many articles as your net time allows. Please make sure that each and every article contains at least one statement that is inflammatory and is either patently untrue or at least highly questionable. This will, almost without question, result in one or more *flame(s)* being directed at your article, and very likely at yourself as well. (For newbies, a flame is an attack or diatribe in response to an article). The possibilities of intelligent response and followup questions to your line of reasoning always exist, but there is no need to prepare for them. Simply treat any and all responses that do not come down squarely on your side as a flame. 3. Gather together all of the responses, and compile any bits and pieces from all of the various flames you receive, in case you are asked by contest officials to prove that you are indeed worthy of the title "Martyr". (Be certain to omit any contextual references from this compilation, as the judges might accuse you of "flamebaiting" if you provide any evidence of having posted something so obnoxious as to have *earned* your flames). 4. This is the crucial step. Return to a group that has many members who *share* at least one of your opinions, and present to them your case for being nominated for "Net Martyr of the Month". Portray yourself as a MOST reasonable, polite person, who's only interest is the intelligent discussion of issues (Whatever you do, DO NOT post anything in THIS group that would tend to make you appear less than reasonable). That's all there is to it!! Contest winners will be notified via posts to the newsgroups in which they are striving for Martyrdom.


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