To: Horst Sommer Jan-31-94 23:17:00 Subject: Contempt of Co

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From: James Williams To: Horst Sommer Jan-31-94 23:17:00 Subject: Contempt of Court Re: Laws and Religion > PM>Note also that once in a courtroom the judge can jail you for any reason a > PM>all and call it contempt. This process of being charges with contempt does > PM>not etself require due process of law - submitting a defence etc. Contempt of Court is the last remaining expression of the ancient crime of "lese majeste," which means to show a lack of due respect for the authority of the king. To doubt the authority of the king was a much more serious crime than some little offense like rape or murder, because it struck at the very heart of the power of the crown. In the august presence of the king, one did not even dare to look directly at His Munificence. Only the animals could, hence the saying "a cat may look at a king." Under the biblical turanny of Fuhrer Moses, the worst crime was not to violate Yahweh's Ten Commandments. It was to question whether the Mosaic despotism was becoming too monarchical, and whether perhaps all men are actually created equal. This "lese majeste" is savagely condemned in both Old and New Testaments as worse than any other crime. It is called the Rebellion of Korah, and was pinished by earthquake and then by fire consuming 250 innocent followers of Korah. This was Waco, Texas, in the Sinai Desert. The name Korah is interstingly close to Koresh. Today's "lese majeste" is contempt of court. Trust a Mormon Bishop to puch this archaic absurdity to such a ridiculous limit. Send him a post card to tell him to keep his religious bigotry out of the civil justice system. Write to Bishop Timothy W. Tower, 4838 Jellett St., San Diego CA USA. Better still, call your nearest Mormon Church and tell them the fanaticism of their Bishop Tower, Tenth Ward, San Diego, is an offense to common decency and ask them to report it to Salt Lake City. The Church hierarchy will then help straighten him out. They WILL report it because they have a very efficient communications system. In jailing a man seven times for declining to mouth a silly oath the judge was acting within the law, albeit a bad law. His church is the best wat to influence him to wither secularize his courtroom or find a new job. The LDS church knows that fanatical religious bigotry is bad for their church. Forcibly imposed oaths are an anachronism in our time, and EVERY oath, with or without the name of a deity, is a RELIGIOUS observance.


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