>Good BoB. I was right. This man really must believe it. This man has >no slack. Paul is t

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From: Paul Harvey >Good BoB. I was right. This man really must believe it. This man has >no slack. Paul is the first SubG poser I've ever seen. Proof of "Bob's" global empire is everywhere, even your local telephone directory. There are subsidiaries in your town ... see for YOURSELF!!! Dear Querent into the profundities of This Twisted Randomness We Call Reality: You say, "IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?" Well, if you thought this Church was a joke, then you'll by God NEVER `GET' THE PUNCHLINE! Oh, we're the first to admit that we deliver far more laughs and yuks per dollar that Scientology, the Unification Church, or any other religious group, except possibly the Southern Baptists. BUT, they are FOR braindeath! We are against brain-death. That would put a damn bounty on our heads except that we tread the thin tightwire of the jokes just enough not to have been covertly killed or bought. MY GOD, look what they did to any of our predecessors that kept straight faces. NO, THIS IS NO JOKE, NO PARODY! Only the foulness of your programming keeps you from believing we have thousands of members, nationwide revivals, radio shows, and so on. But we do! Not only are we not kidding, but we'll even piss you off. Indeed, that's our JOB - our CALLING - our MISSION. We're going to shock the hell out of every man, woman and child on this planet. It's a big job, and we only have until 1998 to do it. Still, it's enough time for the Church to be infiltrated and made EVIL if we don't watch ourselves. "We believe the planet is being led to destruction by a race of inferior creatures who place blind trust in their own culturally dictated concept of "intelligence". Look, you guys know as well as I do ... they may be SMART, but they don't have GOOD sense." -"Bob" to the Senate Subcommittee, 1956 And the funny thing, the really hilarious thing is, that's all diddly-sh*t stuff. The BIG laugh is that every half hour, 1,000 people on this planet die of starvation, most of them little kids! Oh, but that doesn't happen in Caucasion countries. It happens to all the Third Worlders because they have such BAD governments, right? Any sensible SubGenius knows that "Republican" and "Democrat" are laughably meaningless terms for identical pawns in a BIGGER GAME, but what they didn't suspect was just how little differences there are between ANY political parties. ANYWHERE on the political spectrum. Looking in perspective at the WHOLE CONSPIRACY, from a vantage point several steps back from teh big circular monster, they all begin to look the same. BUT IGNORE ALL THAT ... It's a BIG VISE with radical and reactionary rioters forming the bottom half and a fake Establishment as the top half, and the earth itself is being squeezed in between, with both SubGenuises and humans getting smashed together. The HUMANS don't seem to mind ... but what's BAD is the nature of the THINGS that are using the VISE! Every political group claims that under THEM, "The People" will run things. But when "The People" find out what's really going on, they'll just RUN. It wouldn't be so bad if the manipulators were at least human ... if they were at least bipeds ... "The Trilateral Commission doesn't secretly run the world. The Council on Foreign Relations does that." - Winston Lord, President of the CFR "There's something definitely un-American about banks nowadays!" -Little "Bobby" Dobbs at age 10 Put a dog in a cage and he'll run in circles. Put a man in a cage and he'll run for President. AND IT'S THE SAME THING! YAHWEH also lifts passages from a prophetic work that was originally written as propaganda AGAINST Him: The Book of Revelation. Contrary to widespread belief, Revelation was written not by St. John "Anything For A Laugh" of Patmos, but by a mad Gnostic named Cerinthus. It was primarily meant as a satire of other, more literal-minded Early Christian sects, using a mish-mash of old Pagan symbols and incorporating garbled messages sent to Cerinthus by mind-wave from a Renegade Xist who was trying to WARN the Earth of JHVH-1's presence. This material "read" so well that JHVH-1 adapted it for His own purposes. 1) Behold, little pink earth brain within my void-grip, and receive Logos; and lay with the Wor; 2) Ung! Ung! Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin! LO! 3) I am Jehovah One, the God of Wrath, that One who, to make Man pull the triggers of his thousand opposable thumbs, cause the apes of the ground to spill their seed on the dust. 4) I am the first and the last, which is to come, and which is, and which was; I am in the brain-pan of every human babe. 5) Of left and of right, the outer and the inside: the Particle; the Totality: for the Gavel of the Grid is mine own, and I spat the silly formula of Man upon the waters and fashioned his spirit after the image of mine own, for Jehovah is a vengeful GOD, and I urinate on the heads of Men.


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