To: Teddy Winstead Msg #49, 06:59pm Dec-03-90 Subject: YOUR K

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From: Coeta Mills To: Teddy Winstead Msg #49, 06:59pm Dec-03-90 Subject: YOUR KINDA PLACE READING, WRITING AND RIGHT-WINGING Michigan's Hillsdale College, a little-known right-wing campus, is out to establish itself as THE academic center of conservative intellectual thought, reports Margaret Quigley. President George Roche recently hosted a Boston reception to publicize Hillsdale's Freedom Quest Fund, a 150th anniversary capital and endowment campaign to raise $151 million by 1994. In his latest book, "One By One: Preserving Values and Freedom in Heartland America", Roche describes Hillsdale's battle against tomorrow's enemies of the moral order such as "the Greens instead of the Reds" and the "New Agers" who attack "what is normal and morally healthy in favor of things everyone has always regarded as perverse." Hillsdale's promotional videotape, "Ideas Have Consequences" features endorsements from political luminaries Jeane Kirkpatrick and William F. Buckley Jr., and the college's board of trustees includes Jeffrey Coors and James Quayle (Dan's dad). Even Ronald Reagan agrees that "Hillsdale deserves the appreciation of all who labor for freedom." Source: 12/4/90 In These Times --- TBBS v2.1/NM * Origin: *Chrysalis* Multi-User (214) 349-9397 Dallas, Tx (124/4214)


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