From : G. Adam Stanislav To : Psappho > Why just the Protestant? The Catholic church does

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From : G. Adam Stanislav To : Psappho > Why just the Protestant? The Catholic church does > equal work at telling lies about its history. It > teaches a total lie in its own church to its children > in regards to the horror it commited against thousands > of thousands of people. What it did would make Hitler > look like a school boy, but in this culture we are > expected to give it some degree of respect? Makes us > wonder, seriously wonder. I don't know about Hitler, I mean in my personal experience. But I spent 29 years of my life under communism in my home country Czechoslovakia. Communism was an abhorable and totally inhumane system. It tried to take full control of our minds, telling us what to believe and how to act. Naturally, I did not appreciate communism. I tried to fight it as much as I could. The way to do it for me was through religion. The communists oppressed religion more than anything else. Specifically, in Czechoslovakia, they oppressed the Catholic church more than anything. Back then it was unclear to me why. Anyway, I was a member of the underground action of the Catholic church. I studied theology underground, I attended a seminary underground, I joined a religious order (the Capuchins) underground. I was not allowed to talk about it even after I left home. Two years ago, when I visited home, the "vow of silence" was lifted as the communist system had collapsed and all the undergrund activity came to the light. To me the underground activity of the church was the best fight against communism, against *any* inhumane system. Then I was asked by three independent church reps not to go back home from a vacation in Switzerland. I went to Viena, Austria, where I studied Italian and was working on refugee status and papers. After six months I went to Rome, the "Holy City". Already in Viena something did not match my prior experience. I felt oppressed by the Capuchins, but assumed that was just the people in that particular Capuchin house. In Rome I went through a big crisis. Having seen the action of the Catholic church from nearby, I realized shockingly that the communists were mere amateurs compared to the Catholic church. The reason they were persecuting the church so fiercely was because they knew darn well that as long as the church is there they did not have a prayer. It is the church that knows how to tell people what to believe and how to act. It is the church that masterfully controls the minds of people. As a result of that discovery, I became very unhappy. Again, I thought maybe in America it was different. Americans are indipendent people who do not like others to tell them what to do. Boy, was I up for another disappointment. I found the church here even more rigid than in Rome. In Rome at least people could see through it and pay lip service to it without taking it seriously. In America they took it all very seriously. My crisis continued. Imagine this: Under communism that pressed much harder that the church ever need to, I was fully aware of the treachery of the system and fought against it (or I thought I did). But as a Catholic even after I knew the system it was still controlling me. The whole crisis lasted about ten years or so, until I finally was able to free myself from the mind controlling spell of the church and became a Buddhist in October 1990. At that time I went through the worst of it: I realized that as a priest I was actually a direct participant of the oppression. My good friend and spiritual adviser, the Buddhist monk knows as Old Frog in the BBS world, was very helpful in telling me I had been a foot soldier, not an officer. Nowadays, the crisis is all over. Ever since I became a Buddhist and left the Christian and Catholic mind control behind me, I have felt peace such as never before. So when you are comparing the church to Hitler, I can tell you it is an understatement. Hitler was vicious, communists were vicious (and still are in some countries), but they did not have the power, or perhaps the centuries of experience to actually make their people believe them. People in communist countries, and I imagine in Nazi Germany, often did what was asked because of fear for their lives. But the mind control of the church can only be expressed by the ending of 1984 (the book, hope you read it): "He loved Big Brother." Adam


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