Subject: Even more Christian intolerance ... Yet another rather enlightening article from

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From: Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc Subject: Even more Christian intolerance ... Message-ID: <> Yet another rather enlightening article from the Jan/Feb 1991 issue of "Freethought Today," this being a letter from one Stephen D. Mumford, Ph.D., Center for Research on Population and Security, North Carolina. In the letter, Mumford brings our attention to a rather nifty display of religious intolerance. ============= letter ============= ' The Right to Persecute Heretics' "Concerning the Right to Persecute Heretics" by George A. Kendall appeared in the Nov. 15, 1990 issue of "The Wanderer" (Vol. 123, no. 46). This 123-year old conservative Catholic publication is the most obedient of the US Catholic weeklies. It says nothing that is inconsistent with Vatican policy. Kendall writes that society has a basic right to persecute heretics. Secularism "has, indeed, no rights and can legitimately be suppressed by both the Church and the state. The suppression of secularism is a legitimate project. "Of course, such a suppression does not necessarily mean rounding up all known secularists and putting them to death, or suppressing secularist publications and speech. [Murder as an option is not ruled out.] The precise measures to be taken will have to depend on pragmatic considerations, and certainly no more force should be employed than is actually necessary ..." "But it would certainly be desirable, and, I think, even obligatory, for society to place secularists under some civil disabilities to prevent them from taking power--prohibiting them from holding public office or teaching in our schools are fairly obvious ones that come to mind. We Christians have both the right and the duty to campaign for such measures, and no guilty preoccupation with 'pluralism' should prevent us from doing so. Paul Blanshard and many other authors wrote about this reality, but somehow I thought it would be different in November 1990. The article gives abortion and sex education as examples of why secularists deserve persecution, making it clear who the serious opponents of abortion really are and the lengths to which they are willing to go. ============== end of letter =========== As before, comments? Since I am not a regular reader of this group (I can't stomach wading through 90% of the dreck here for the occasional nugget of sense), feel free to e-mail me.


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