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From: Fredric Rice Msg #530, 27-Jan-93 11:14pm Subject: Clergy abuse 27/Jan/93 - 22:00, A&E Network, "Investigative Reports" Clergy Abuse. "Sins of the fathers. A church in crisis." What's easilly observed by the not-christians in America is not so easilly seen by the christians. This is true for many things which have their roots in ideologies and the sciences. Yet one of the worse artifacts of religion to face humanity in contemporary times is the increase in clergy abuse -- an abuse which is not located within any one church; an abuse from which _no_ christian church is exempt. (Claims that "my church" has no such problems are _always_ proven false in time.) The problem is so wide-spread that there have been calls from within the Catholic church to shut-down the seminaries all over the United States and abroad until the problem can be repaired. The problem is so wide- spread that one-time clergy members are coming forward with personal testimony as well as written research papers on the abuses they experienced or they, themselves, caused. A&E's "Investigative Reports" took a 1-hour-long review of this problem as it stands in the United States. "Sins Of The Fathers" is a video tape which may be ordered and information on where to call for this tape is appended to the end of this. (I suggest caution, however. Reviewing this tape made me slightly ill and I was greatly disturbed at times.) I HAVE NOT VALIDATED NOR INVALIDATED ANY OF THIS INFORMATION. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ME TO TASK FOR DISSEMINATING UNTESTED CLAIMS. IF YOU WISH TO DO SO, I WILL DIRECT YOU ON WHERE TO GO OR I'LL SUGGEST THAT YOU READ VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS SO THAT _YOU_ MAY VALIDATE OR REFUTE SUCH CLAIMS AS YOU'LL BE EXPOSED TO HERE. - Fredric Rice -=- The 1 hour review starts out (as is usually the case with such things) with the reviews of several abuses by the victims -- some in their teens and some of them in their 20's or 30's. After a few reviews, some statistics were offered. 400 clergy-related sexual abuse cases were reported in 1982 with a recorded 400 million in just the Catholics legal and medical fees -- most cases handled out of court in rewards and damages to the victim and the victims parents. Yet Catholic clergy is only part of the problem. All told, there were over 200,000 cases of clergy abuse (counting all christian sects) every year in the last few years -- a number which is still growing. Of the catholic sect, there is reported something around 53,000 priests in the United States. The report stayed mostly within the catholic sect yet wanted it to be very clear that this is a problem which affects all churches everywhere. (More on why the Catholics are singled-out comes later in the show.) Victims of clergy sexual abuse report that the people whom victimized them are hardly ever taken to cases about it by their masters. Only when the victims bring the report to the police agencies does anything ever come of their complaints to the clergys masters. When enough complaints are filed against a clergy member, the member is hidden and is usually shipped-off out of state so that State authorities have a tough time finding them. When police call to talk to the priest, the remaining clergy of the church often don't recall a priest of "that name" working from "this office." Eventually, the police run into the priests lawyer who will often claim that he has no idea where the suspect priest is at the moment. One case history is delved into in some detail. A "James R. Porter" whom has 100 charges against him was jailed for 10 years after it was successfully proven that he raped an alterboy in 1961. With a wopping 61 other cases against him settled out of court, we can only wonder what his jail term would have been had all of them continued to pursue the rightfull punishment for his crimes. (We can also only wonder at how much money was settled out of court for 61 cases. Make a guess where this money comes from.) At a Clergy Abuse group, various victims mention that they are often told by their priest that they are responsible for the sexual abuse they experience. They tell the victim that the victim is at fault for "temping" a priest. -=- Important reference -=- Jason Barry wrote a book about Clergy Abuse called "Lead us not into Temptation." (This is the book that I've been trying to find for the last five or six years... I had erroniously heard that the title was "Clergy Abuse.") More case histories are offered. A priest named Gothe' is exposed as having had 33 counts of sexual abuse against minors applied towards him. For these priestly duities, he recieved only 20 years. Someone named Bryan in Hawii is mentioned -- 5 years in prison. Someone named Adamson, location I didn't catch -- 36 children spread-out over 23 years was collected and doubtless many never came forth or refused to testify. In any even, this one priest tipped-over the one- million dollar mark in out-of-course setlements. A detailed examination into another priest was offered. "Robert E. Kelly." Here was a real bastard. The parents of the young girl suspected nothing though they _did_ have signs. This priest would follow the 8 year old victim up to her room at bed time, touch her in the chest and then in the vagina, then engage in oral sex. This happened to this 8 year old over 100 times in a single year. In this case, Kelly would charm his victims, telling each of them that they were "better" or "favorate" or "chosen." In 1985, Kelly disappeared alltogether. Eventually, it was found that another girl had complained of being sexually abused and so Kelly was sent to St. Louis for "psychological therapy." After he was released from therapy, he went to another church three years later and sexually abused another girl. He was found guilty in 1990 yet was only give 5 to 7 years! It turned-out that this priest has confessed to another priest and that this other priest had merely told him to "stay away from little girls." The priests who knew of these crimes, as do all other priests/masters et al., never contact the police, thinking they it's best to cover-up the sexual abuse for fear that they would reflect negativly upon either their church or upon christanity in general. [ed: Big surprise.] As to what the mother had to say? "Somewhere there is a god. But not there." The report then asked the viewer (and christainity in general) "why do priests refuse to impose standards of conduct among themselves?" The priesthoods of most christian sects have no santions within themselves for taking care of such activities. They don't release priests from their vows and send them packing -- they reassign them elsewhere after a stern talking to. [ed: I'll add that the mormon cult also suffer from a lack of a method for dealing with this. Their masters will adopt the same avenues of non-admittance of guilt as any other christian religion. I point this out because many people say that the mormon cult isn't a christian group.] Another case history is looked into. A Sharon {someone} mentioned that she was raped every week from the ages of 8 to 10 years old. It finally stopped when another priest came into the rectory and found the priest raping her. She was told to go to confession to confess her sin and, of course, to tell no one about it. She was told that _she_ was the cause of making this priest rape her every week for 2 years! A comment that informing the church does no good and that only when the victims parents contact the police does any action get taken is offered. Another horror story about a father Schlouoskis(sp?) was offered. This guy was from a place called "our lady of victory." He had been orally raping a teenage boy at the christian school. This priest would tell this boy that it was time for another "biology lesson." When the mother called, nothing was done about the problem. When the mother had the police call, the priests claimed that they had never heard of this priest. Another layer of masterdom within this church found another priest whom claimed that he had never heard of this priest. Eventually, the police made it to the christian lawyer who said that he didn't know where the priest was. (We've heard this one before.) It turned out that this priest had been shipped off to New Mexico for "psychological therapy." A comment is made by a priest about how lawyers and insurance companies are compounding the problem of killing clergy abuse. He mentioned that the lawyers are making priests think like lawyers rather than people who are supposed to have taken charge for other peoples lives [ed: they're christians so they can't live their own lives, obviously.] Eventually, the police were able to trap this priest on tape with a phone call to his hide-away in Maryland. Eventually, he was give 22 years in prison. The mother claims that she will continue with mass. After the courts were all done with, it was found out that this priest had been shipped to "our lady of victory" from another place where he sexually abused another boy. A priest is brought to the camera to talk about how "troublesome" priests are merely shipped-around. They're given a talking to and then ignored. -=- Homosexuality -=- Most importantly, christians of all sects and flavors have a horrid problem of homosexuality among their clergy. It was noted by a priest that, in the clergy, most offenders are homosexual ("Prey on boys" was his words.) In the "real world" he called it, most offenders prey on girls. Jen Lenning at the FBI headquarters at Langley mentions that there is a disproportionate number of homosexuals within christian clergy compared with outside of it in the real world. Before going into the statistics of this thing, another case history is offered. Dino Channel had taped 160 hours of his homosexual activities with young boys; many of them performed within the rectory of his church. In 1990, these tapes were entered into the deposistion as child pronography. A christian master from some church or another mentions that, "One of the most dangerous forces that's on Earth today is a psychopath for god." He states clearly that a priest -- as well as a deity-believer -- has a method whereby he or she may "rationalize the abuses they perform" in many ways that a non-religious person can't. One priest blamed his homosexual child abuse acts on the "homosexual feelings that ran rampant within his seminary." He mentioned that damned- near every single one of the priests within his church was so overtly homosexual that he was exposed to and made privy to sexual acts on a "constant" basis -- whatever that turns out to be. -=- Reference for another possible book -=- Richard Sipe is a clergy member who has found a _minimum_ of 25% of the christian clergy to be homosexual. That's a _minimum_ which discounted that which is not overtly homosexual. [ed: This is much less than the 60 percent that was attributed to the pentacostal circus in Austin Miles book "Don't Call me Brother" where he only counted those who had made overt homosexual acts and "ploys."] Jason Berry, the christian author of "Lead us not into temptation" finds that figure to be too nice. He wants it spelled out the way it is with no hold barred so that "the healing process may begin." He finds a wopping 40 to 50 percent of christian clergy to be overtly homosexual. A&E Investigative Reports asked, "how does the clergy system perpetuate this abuse?" One high master of some church or another mentioned that there is a sort of a defacto "self protective network" of clergy which "covers up sexual abuse cases." [ed: I've seen this in the mormon cult.] The show then adds another comment that not only are Catholics involved in these types and numbers of cases but _all_ christian sects. A&E then asks why catholics are singled out for this honor. Cardinal Bernardin comments. He claimed that it is because of "our committment [to celibacy] is cause for wonderment." He claimes that it's always good press "when a catholic priest fails." He also mentiones that clergy abuse must be publically exposed at every chance else the problem will be hidden by most christian churches "network of denial" [ed: that's a term I chose, not the Cardinals.] One church in Chicago went through their paper history all the way back to 1963 and found that there were 39 different priests that had claims against them that were found to be well-founded. -=- Reference -=- Jeanne Miller organizes clergy abuse victims in Chicago. She was the victim of clergy abuse and was told that, if she continued to press the case, she would be excommunicated [ed: mormons excommunicate as well as catholics and many other religious sects... which church she was victimized by, then, is hard to pin-down. He going to a Catholic Cardinal is not indicitive that she is a Catholic -- many clergy abuse victims will go to another church with their problem.] She had gone to Cardinal Bernardin and was told to "trust us" in this matter. After nothing had been done and the priest was continuing to be near young boys and girls, Miller went to the police. Eventually, this case settled out of court (like so many do) for a fee of $15,000. In any event, the guilty priest was merely reassigned to another parish. (The priests name sounded like: Mayor.) After another three reported child sexual abuse cases, he was eventually caught raping two boys on the roof of the church. This masters followers were told, after the priest was taken away, that their priest had "resigned." They had not been told that their master had been arrested. Another case history is looked at briefly. A one-time alter boy talks about having to masterbate a priest among other things. He talks about how dysfunctional he had been in the last 25 years untill he finally left the truth on a tape-recorder on a Valitines-day for his wife to find. [ed: I personally found this guys testimony as being phony. This guy had all the classical ear-marks of a "satanic survivor" in that he offered no details that could be traced.] Another case history; this time of a Texas priest who had been caught sexually mollesting a 15 year old boy in his rectory some years ago in another state. (He was not "serving" (sic) people in Texas at the time.) After the exposure, this priest was sent to a California hospital for "psychological therapy." After he was release from this place, he was moved to the Texas church where he currently "serves." (sic) -=- A comment of some note -=- This clergy, already found to be a homosexual and guilty of sexually mollesting a minor 15 year old boy, said that his parishoners don't have the right to know what his past has been. [ed: these people are paying good money to have someone they can trust to talk to and to help them with living their lives and basically tell them what to do on a day-by-day basis.] The pope has remained silent on this problem. Some suggestions on how to cope with these world-wide, sect-wide, church- wide problems was offered by clergy masters. o Close down the seminary would be the best solution. Close it down until the problem priests in all churches can be found and taken care of. The priest that made this suggestion said that the continuation of this trend, with the ever- increasing numbers of abuse and the ever-increasing loss of church memberships across the board are a worse thing to live with than the closeing of the seminary for a year or two. o End the celabacy oath. (Catholic and others) o Bring women into the various churches master levels. (Australia was mentioned for a catholic church.) o Offer limited terms for priesthood. If all of the christian sects and flavors around the world would allow their masters to have a set-duration, that would help. One other possible way to stem the problem is to assign homosexual masters whom have been caught to work in old-age homes or in hospitals for AIDS victims. This was offered from a clergy master at St. Luke Intitute in Maryland. -=- One last interesting note -=- Chales Socarides has written several books on homosexuality -- though not specifically for or about christian leaders/masters/priests what have you. He finds that homosexual attitudes are not devient in any way nor unusual. He also finds that homosexuality is not a "lifestyle choice." These things are actually opposed to most christian sects teachings so it's obvious that he gets called to task for these findings. -=- Videotape is available -=- You can get a video tape of this 45 minute show by calling the Arts and Entertainment network line at 1-800-423-1212. If you mention the title of the show you would like to buy, mention "Sins of the fathers." The cost of the tape is some 19.95 for the video and some 3.95 for shipping. All in all, it's probably a good idea to send-off $24.00 for the whole mess. --- * Origin: Instead of being born again, why not just grow up? (1:102/890)


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