CONTRADICTIONS about God Christians should all HONESTLY and thoroughly investigat

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CONTRADICTIONS about God Christians should all HONESTLY and thoroughly investigate the CONTRADICTIONS between the Old and New Testaments in terms of their descriptions of God. The God of the New Testament is described as a God of LOVE, MERCY, and PEACE. The god of the Old Testament is described as a JEALOUS, VENGEFUL god, a WAR-MONGER. He said "Thou shalt not kill", and then proceeded to help the Israelites to kill TENS OF THOUSANDS of Arabs in order to take their land. [And the zionist PIG$ from Israel are still doing it today!] Can the two Testaments POSSIBLY be talking about the same thing?! The "god" of the Old Testament was actually a TRIBE OF RENEGADE SPACE CANNIBALS, with a leader named "Yahweh", who was the commander of a UFO SPACECRAFT ("pillar of fire", "pillar of cloud", etc.), and a GENETICIST who CLONED Adam and Eve FROM HIMSELF and put them on this planet which was ALREADY INHABITED at that time. And the "first born sons" of the Israelites became ROAST DINNER for the "JehovahS". All of this may sound UN-believable to most Christians. But try reading the Old Testament with these things in mind. For example, read the part about one of the Old Testament characters, Jacob, I think, WRESTLING WITH GOD, AND WINNING! [ ALWAYS use the KING JAMES VERSION. Later versions are PER- VERSIONS! ] See also the book "THE LOST TRIBES FROM OUTER SPACE", by Mark Dem (?). UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED. Robert E. McElwaine B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC


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