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From: David O Hunt To: All Msg #39, Oct-18-92 07:31AM Subject: Fundamentalist Nightmare Organization: Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA From: bluelobster+@CMU.EDU (David O Hunt) Message-ID: Newsgroups:,alt.dreams,alt.atheism,alt.censorship,talk.religion.misc,sci.skeptic Hi. Last night I had a "Fundamentalist" nightmare that I thought I'd share with you, and I hope that it sparks some good conversation! And, I hope, some thoughts about what's happening in this country... Goes like this: The Fundies take over, outlawing homosexuality & the teaching of evolution, madating compulorary church attendance, and condoning persecution of non-believers. Not to mention the whole-scale raping of thise country's natural resources as, in the words of the recalled James Watt, "We don't need to protect the environment - the Second Coming is at hand." All of us with more than 5 brain cells leave the country. Sciencific progress in the former US ceases while the rest of the world advances. Fifty years down the road the US economy is shot, the standard of living is drastically reduced, and there is no environment to speak of, with no clean water available, and food production falling fast. "We want help" cries the leadership of the Evangelical States of America. "You made your bed, now lie in it" replies the world, to which the Fundies reply with the remains of America's nuclear firepower. Thoughts? Comments? Does anyone else see this happening, and if so, how can we stop it? David Hunt - Graduate Slave | My mind is my own. | Towards both a Mechanical Engineering | So are my ideas & opinions. | Palestinian and Carnegie Mellon University | <<>> | Jewish homeland! ====T=H=E=R=E===I=S===N=O===G=O=D=========T=H=E=R=E===I=S===N=O===G=O=D===== Email: Working towards my "Piled Higher and Deeper" "If the liberties of the American people are every destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the Clergy." -- General Marquis De Lafayette, 1789


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