To: All Dec-12-93 21:17:44 Subject: An atheist's '

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From: David Macdonald To: All Dec-12-93 21:17:44 Subject: An atheist's "Christmas Card" When I first ran across the following text, I thought it might make a cute "Christmas Car" for fellow atheists. If you want to use it for that or anything else, such as debate on Holysmoke (which I do not get), feel free. The original Greek text is public domain; the translation is mine and thus free to you. Whereas, Providence, which divinely orders our existence, showing care and liberality, has brought our life to the peak of perfection in giving to us Him Whom it filled with virtue for the good of humanity, and Who, being sent to us and to our descendants as Savior, has put an end to war and has ordered all matters justly; and Who, having been made Manifest, has exceeded the hopes of all, not only surpassing previous benefactors, but also leaving no hope of surpassing Him to those who are to come, and the Birth of God being the beginning tor the world of the Gospel which He has brought... Therefore, let all reckon a New Era from His birth. The quotation is from a decree of the provincial assembly of the Province of Asia, in honor of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar, and erected in 9 B.C. The language that sounds so very parallel to the Christian gospels is all there and even more evident in the Greek original. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but thought it might be mildly amusing.


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