from 'el diario/La Prensa,' a Spanish language newspaper published in New York City. Trans

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from "el diario/La Prensa," a Spanish language newspaper published in New York City. Translated and edited by Toby Mailman. Uruguay "CHILDREN OF GOD" "CULT" IN ARGENTINA, URUGUAY The religious sect "Children of God," dismantled last Wednesday, September 1 [1993] in Argentina, and whose members were accused of committing "acts of slavery" and different sexual aberrations, has been operating for the past few years in the Uruguayan beach resort Punta del Este, a woman who preferred to remain anonymous told the press on September 3. "I'm afraid (...) children, those people came to my house and have alot of connections," she said. The woman, who did not know about the group's secret activities and only sympathized with it because of the presence of so many children, said the sect rented houses during a number of summers, which were occupied with couples with a lot of children. According to the testimony the members of the sect, here known as "The Family," sold music cassettes, videos and magazines explaining its origins. A few weeks ago the woman denouncing the sect, who lives in Punta del Este, received a telephone call from Buenos Aires and a woman belonging to the groups asked her for money to lease a farm in Montevideo, a city where they are thinking of installing a center like that which exists in the Argentine capital. The donation, however, never happened because the caller never contacted the potential benefactor again. For his part the priest Julio Cesar Elizaga, Vatican advisor on sects and new religions in Latin America, said that he did not dismiss the possibility that the organization is still operating in Uruguay. Elizaga recalled that during the past summer there was a very heavy "propagandistic presence" of that organization in Punta del Este. "This is a group with spiritual characteristics but with an aberrant concept of morality which follows the steps of a sexy God and promots the exercise of free sex among everyone, forcing the young ones to prostitute themselves as a form of obtaining followers," said the expert. The sect's guide is called "The Basic Mop" [literal translation] and its members are truly transigent people who constantly change their houses, cities and countries to avoid being followed by the police and justice. According to Elizaga the movement currently has 15,000 members in 70 countries. The priest recalled that in Uruguay their first appearance was during the 1960s. More recently the sect took radio space called "Music with Life" and its members presented themselves at various institutions and schools behind the facade of a movement dedicated to the recovery of drug addicts. The case which moved Argentina acquired notoriety on September 1 when the police "rescued" 300 children of different nationalities and took 30 adults, mostly foreigners, prisoner. The sect was founded in California (US) in 1968 by David Brande Berg [sic], who had left a Christian missionary alliance and began to preach in middle-class communities in Huntington Beach. (ed-LP 9/4/93 from AFP) -30- + Join Us! Support The NY Transfer News Collective + + We deliver uncensored information to your mailbox! + + Modem:718-448-2358 Fax:718-448-3423 E-mail: +


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