Stand behind your President. Was: Jerry Does White House Some folks naturally question my

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Stand behind your President. Was: Jerry Does White House Some folks naturally question my assertion that the CIA was in fact involved alto facto with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbee, Scotland. When I first heard the claim, I was indeed very skeptical. The story reminded me of the claims of an international "Satanic Conspiracy," which myth has been exposed over and over again. I now believe that the CIA did have heroin on board, and that they did know that the plane was a likely canadate for bombing. It has been reported in the major and minor news papers that the CIA has used drugs to fight clandistine wars with, and used drug money, sold in the United States, to finance their "Black Budget." (_Washington_Post_ October 21, 1988. _Frontline_ "Guns, Drugs, and the CIA." Newsweek, May 23, 1986. UPI May 13, 1989. Iran- Contra hearings, Volume 1, page 537. Oliver North, _Nightline_, October 28, 1991. _New_York_Times_ January 4, 1975. The Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, 94th Congress, 1975. "The Politics of Heroin," 1972. _Newsday_ June 1987.) Many of the "players" in this story, unlike other Urban Legends such as the "Satanic Crime" one, name names, dates, times, locations and witnesses. Yuval Aviv, who headed the investigation for Pan Am, with his Interfor agency, released his report in Septmber of 1989. The Reagan-Bush administration claimed that Syria and Iran were reponsible for the bombing, though a three- year investigation proved that was not the case. Blame was later placed on Tripoli, Qaddafi's neighborhood. On October 30, 1990, NBC News reported that the DEA had a "sting" operation with CIA-backed drug trafficers, and that the CIA tipped the drug sellers in on the sting--- one bag of drugs was swapped for a bomb. The DEA has often used CIA-gotten drugs in its own "sting" operations, and this seems to be a case of the DEA not knowing that they were setting up the source of the CIA drugs. A bag of luggage, containing clothing, was swapped for a bag of heroin on the air plane's loading platform, which was then swapped by a Syrian agent for a bag containing the bomb. Al-Kassar, who was to later supply Bush, via Oliver North, Polish weapons to arm the Contras, was previously identified in the _Los_ Angeles_Times_ as the CIA's drug supplier (July 17, 1987). The money for this deal was laundered through BCCI (_Private_Eye_, October 25, 1991.) The baggage placed on board the plane, which was later swapped for drugs, and later still swaped for explosives, belonged to CIA officer Matthew Gannon (_Frontline_ January 1990). There were as many as eight CIA originally on board the plane, though four were warned off ("The Tragedy of Flight 103," David Johnson). _Frontline_ reported that CIA agents were one of the first people on the crash cite, and that they took from the crash cite all baggage that belonged to Major Charles McKee--- in some reports it is stated that the CIA returned the bag empty, while _Frontline_ reports that the CIA didn't even bother to return the bag. The bag, by the way, had the same ID and route tags, but were different color. Barron's, December 17, 1990, reports that the BKA agent in charge of watching over the suitcase relayed this fact on to his CIA connction, and was told to "Relax. Don't worry about it." Pan Am, in September 1989, subpoenaed the DEA, CIA, FBI, Federal Aviation Association, NSA, NSC, Defense, and State for all records concerning the bombing-- they were refused on all fronts. (Barron's, December 17, 1990). Lester Knox Coleman, paid through BCCI, was the Defense Intelligence Agency's agent in charge of overseeing Al-Kassar's suppling the CIA with drugs. He signed an affidavit describing the role the CIA played in the bombing. (_Time_ April 27, 1992. _Washington_Jewish_ Week_, August 1991.) If this is all an elaborate hoax, I am damn impressed with the hoaxers! I am not one to believe in conspiracy therories, but nor am I one to ignore all this with the wave of the hand. ---- David Rice


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