I caught the Jerry Falwell show this Sunday. Yes, the old butter-ball is still alive, ki

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I caught the Jerry Falwell show this Sunday. Yes, the old butter-ball is still alive, kicking, and raking in the money hand-over-fist. This week's installment of prattle had to do with "Standing by the office of the Presidency," meaning the one in Washington District of Columbia, i.e. George Bush et al. Jerry's speech was instigated by all the reports that have come out about George Bushs' illegal, criminal, and activities of treason, since he lost his re-election bid (the major media has finally picked up the news reports that only the smaller media has been reporting on for the past 8 years). Jerry told all his sheeple that no matter how much criminal activity Bush has committed, we should support him because the only laws that matter are Gods' laws, not mans'. He then read a few passages from his bible, but he notably missed the one concerning "rendering unto Cezar (the State)" what it has due, which many theologians interpret to mean following the law of the land. It doesn't bother Jerry that Bush armed Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons, and the weather intelligence required to use air-borne pathogens effectively, and the resulting deaths of tens of thousands of Iranian citizens and Kurds. (Washington _Post_, December 6Th, 1990.) Jerry doesn't care about the cocaine and heroin that was put aboard Pan AM flight 103 by his CIA, which blew up over Lockerbee, Scotland (Los Angeles _Times_ July 17, 1987). Nor does he seem to care about the CIA warning its' operatives off the airplane minutes before it took off, but failing to warn the citizens of the bomb they believed to be on board. Nor does Jerry seem to care about the Reagan / Bush coverup that followed (_Time_, April 27, 1992). Jerry doesn't care about the 1,500 dead civilians from "Operation Just Cause" (Panamanian invasion) whos only reason for being killed by American soldiers is because they were in the way. Nor does Jerry care about the five-to-one wounded of civilians to combatants in the Panama invasion. Jerry doesn't care about the coverup that followed the American bombing of the Tropic Hotel in Panama. Jerry ignores 200,000 dead in the recent Oil War with Hussein, where George Bush did everything possible to prevent the Soviet negotiation that would have lead to a peaceful, face-saving pullout of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Official American body count of US forces is 23--- Commanded Brets of US 34Th. MASH unit reported personally putting in body bags 60 dead American boys in the FIRST HOUR: where are the missing bodies? Why was the 34Th's medical records taken away AT GUN POINT, only to vanish somewhere on the trip from the Middle East to Washington? Does Jerry care about the two million Kurds that Harvard University estimates will die as the result of the Oil War? Jerry Falwell clearly is part of the problem of moral and ethical decay in America, when he tells his cult members that Bush's crimes are okay because the laws he has broken are "mans' laws, not Gods'." Seems to me that killing people is something Christians should be just as concerned about as non-Christains.


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