New books from Arthur Frederick Ide 'Yahweh's Wife'; paperback, 112 pp., Stock #5569, $15.

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New books from Arthur Frederick Ide "Yahweh's Wife"; paperback, 112 pp., Stock #5569, $15.00. Is the Judeo-Christian god male or female? Ide examines the tribal politics that created the god Yahweh as he is portrayed in the Bible. Central to his investigation of the early history of this Hebrew god is the tale of Asherah, Yahweh's wife. What were her powers and why was she finally erased from the official Old Testament pantheon? Ide finds the answers to these questions not in the activities of the supernatural, but the all-too-human machinations of politcal power. "Noah and the Ark"; paperback, 110 pp., Stock #5570, $10.00. In this new book from Monument Press, Ide scrutinizes this outrageous fable in the context of the history of the creation of the Old Testament. He finds sexual and mythological aspects of the tale buried deep within both the well-known narrative and the many preceding flood myths. His research points to early ritual practices that would make any fundamentalist blush. The work is heavily footnoted with original sources. American Atheist Press is at: P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX, 78714-0195. they accept FAX and credit card orders at: (512) 467-9525.


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