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From: Charles R.L. Power To: All Dec-12-93 12:10PM Subject: Re: Atheism in Science fiction Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA From: (Charles R.L. Power) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism I never read THE JESUS INCIDENT or the sequels, since I did manage to figure out their connection to DESTINATION VOID, which I would rate as Herbert's least readable novel (and when Herbert was bad, he was awful). My favorite of Herbert's is that curious non-novelization which was nonetheless inspired by a pseudo-fictional documentary, HELLSTROM'S HIVE. But as to atheist science fiction, my recommendation, if anyone can find it, is THE TIDES OF GOD by Ted Reynolds, which came out as an Ace Science Fiction Special in Feb. 1989. It is posited that religious mania is based on an astronomical event. A ship is sent to investigate the area of space which seems to be involved, with highly ambiguous, but fascinating, results. Donald Kingsbury's COURTSHIP RITE gained more attention a few years ago. It involves a planet of scientific creationists. Really. They can demonstrate that they have no evolutionary relationship to other life forms on the planet, ergo they must have been specially created. Not exactly right, of course, but reasonable.... Stanley Schmidt's NEWTON AND THE QUASI-APPLE also sticks to my mind, since it involves religionists who insist that gravity is "just a theory," somewhat similar to attitudes toward "Darwinism...."


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