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From: Sir Hans To: All Msg #49, Oct-06-93 01:45AM Subject: Bobby quotes!!!!! Organization: FWI, University of Amsterdam From: (Sir Hans) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism MOZUMDER'S WORLD Hello everyone, here's the list you've all been waiting for. The collected wisdom (HA!) of Bobby Mozumder in quotations. I've decided not to put [sic] after each typo, since that would make this compendium of witticisms and aforisms by everybody's hero Bobby about thrice as large. All truly said by the Bobmeister himself. Honest. Additions welcomed. Oh, if there's enough interest, how about a BobFAQ? Like: Q: Where does Bobby go on holiday? A: Thailand. Welcome to Fantasy Islam. Here it comes: ----------------------------------------- ... HA! - Bobby Mozumder ... Islam is the fastest growing religion, becuase everybody loves it and thinks its perfect. - Bobby Mozumder >Islam is truly one of the great evils in this world. But christians and muslims say that atheists are more evil. There are more of us than you, so tough. - Bobby Mozumder All freethinkers are closed-minded. - Bobby Mozumder Also, morality is a good evidence for god, because a god provides an absolute measure of morality for human beings, and thus the problems of ethical realativism are solved. - Bobby Mozumder An atheist has no reason to believe in God because to the atheist, reality does not include one. Why? Because there is no proof. But to the theist, God is just as real as anything else. And so how do atheist justify atheism if there is no proof of there not being a god? The atheists is trying to disprove it to the theist, he is trying to prove the positive, so how can he without proof? A theist considers God as real until proven false, while an atheist considers god as unreal until proven real. And for an atheist to say that there is no reason to believe is like saying that there is no reason to believe in anything we don't see, such as something behind a wall, etc... It seems that atheists mix idealism and materialism to their own pleasure, so what is the unifying theory to this mind-body problem of atheists? - Bobby Mozumder And on your second point, it doesn't take a perfect person to determine the perfection of something else, because the system to determine perfection is perfect. - Bobby Mozumder At least I have an answer. Where's yours? None. - Bobby Mozumder At least our world [the Islamic] lives in peace with each other. - Bobby Mozumder Atheism is your favorite drug. It messes with your mind. You cannot THINK. That is why you are an atheist. - Bobby Mozumder Atheists have imaginations almosts as unreal as their reality. - Bobby Mozumder Because atheists do it with those that don't even reach puberty. Something muslims don't do because we have morals, but atheists do it all the time because their morals have no value. - Bobby Mozumder But atheists can't even agree on morals. Lots of atheist lie on this network, even, so who can respect them from this representation? - Bobby Mozumder Doesn't it tell you that something is wrong with your culture when 12 year olds are too immature to marry? That's saddening. It just causes too many problems. The Islamic solution is needed in America. Everybody will be much happier. - Bobby Mozumder For example, it is easy to spot a mistake if there was one in the Quran, like in the Bible. But to make a conclusion such as "Everything in the Universe experiences gravity" from a statement such as "The heavenly bodies travel in a rounded path" require far out skill. But of course it is logically true, and therefore only a perfect thing could have made the original statement. Proof of God in Islam. - Bobby Mozumder Go to class and learn a few things first. - Bobby Mozumder Hiumans make mistakes and so morality could be incorrect. An arbitrary source for morality can be agreed upon between human beings, since there is an arbitrator (?) to make peace between human beings, thus being more peacful and natural. Ethical realativism causes wars, suffering, etc.. because there is no rule. - Bobby Mozumder I know a girl from my high school that got married in 8th grade. A typical white american christian. - Bobby Mozumder I mean, where did you even get the idea that Iran represents Islam? - Bobby Mozumder I said that to a theist, God is real, and therefore, God's disproof becomes the positive, and therefore, it is up to the atheist to disprove god in order for a theist to logically become an atheist. So, what is your justification of there no being a god to me? If you say there is no evidence, I will just say there is. If you say you never saw god, I will say I never saw my back. Get it? So now what? - Bobby Mozumder I see nothing wrong with marraige at early ages. [~12 years and up.] ... Actually, [in Islam] sex with children is explicitly forbidden in addition to having marraiges with initial intent to divorce, for it isn't a marraige . - Bobby Mozumder I think your morality is wrong, because you would not defend yourself when physically attacked or would not communicate your ideas, since you find a ji'had to be wrong. - Bobby Mozumder I'm truly sorry atheists happened. They make life miserable for good people. Just look at all the mean messages you got for something you didn't do. - Bobby Mozumder Islam defines a god. . That god is logical (by verification). . Therefore, the Islamic god is logical. - Bobby Mozumder Logical fallacies are not just simple contradictions, but go very deep into reality, even. - Bobby Mozumder Look at Bosnia- Muslims are fighting with their hands tied behind their back, yet they still persist. The character of the muslim is too great. - Bobby Mozumder Look throughout time- atheistic cultures have their morals vary greatly, while theistic morals vary very little (christianity) or none at all (Islam). - Bobby Mozumder Meanwhile, atheistic cultures such as China and Thailand continue their human rights violations. You might not think of them as good atheists, but then again, they won't consider you good atheists. That's the problem with atheism for ya- child prostitution. - Bobby Mozumder Peace, . Bobby Mozumder - Bobby Mozumder Religous people, even christians, would agree that there is no diffence between a 12 year old and a 40 year old, save experience. - Bobby Mozumder The answer to the question is that the supernatural doesn't have to contain time or a creator, since it is the supernatural and natural laws such as everything has a creator doesn't have to apply to the supernatural. Question answered. - Bobby Mozumder The only thing rational that can explain the existence of the universe is that it was created through Allah. - Bobby Mozumder This is pretty much the no evidence problem of god with atheist. It can be easily countered by saying Muslims have evidence of god, namely the existence of the universe and morality. - Bobby Mozumder To an atheist, the universe existed forever, including previous universe, or whatever is current. This just dodges the question of where did the universe come from. - Bobby Mozumder You are right. It is a bad translation in the second verse. For example, everyone has a protector, such as a person's parent, etc.. By saying that an Idolator has no protector would go against everything. It is quite clear that the meaning of this verse is lost. I myself cannot think of a word that can describe the guardianship of Allah in english, you know what I mean? Who translated that Quran? Finding contradictions in a translation is actually used to refine that translation. I know of no perfect translation. It is up to muslims to learn arabic to become perfect in their faith. That is why all prayers are done in arabic, even if the people do not understand the meanings of it. Arabic is pretty much the language standard for muslims. - Bobby Mozumder You contradict yourself. First, you say that Islam is irrational in it having a great flood, yet state that a Moslem can be a decent human being. - Bobby Mozumder You contradict yourself. If logic was imperfect, then it would be illogical. - Bobby Mozumder You shouldn't post about subjects you know nothing about. You are an ethical relativists because you do not have any natural law to follow because you are an atheist. Some atheists think rape is wrong, some think it is right. Atheists send children to prostitution. - Bobby Mozumder


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