Subject: Re: E.T.'s In a message to Anyone <05-20-90 19:05> Greg Hansen wrote: > Is ther

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From: Gil Wilkes Subject: Re: E.T.'s In a message to Anyone <05-20-90 19:05> Greg Hansen wrote: > Is there any Biblical reason why aliens from outer space > cannot exist? I was talking with a friend briefly and he > said they do not exist. I wasn't able to stick around long > enough to understand his reasons, but they were very Bible > based. Greg, interesting question, you come up with the best, -and most difficult questions. i ma not aware of any Biblical reasons why "aliens from outer space" cannot exist. However, i am aware of theological reasons why contact between our "worlds" would be prohibited and therefore not occur. The reasoning is thus: We are a fallen race, we have fallen out of line with our Creator, and are in the words of our Patristic Fathers, "totally depraved." We are creatures that carry a deadly contagion: sin. Now, if we were to come into contact with another race, they would have to be one of two things, fallen, or unfallen. In other words, they would either have to exist in their original state, -as we were created, innocent and in communion with their Creator, in which case our contact with them would be deadly - for them. Just as our contact with a fallen angel, Satan, was deadly for us, their very innocence would make them vulnerable to our corrupting influence. We would either consume them or corrupt them, or both, and you only need look to the shameful history of our own race to see how hi-tech peoples have treated the low-tech peoples they have stumbled accross. Or, they would be fallen, like we are, and if they possessed the technical expertise to span the vast emptiness of "outer space," than we would be uniquely vulnerable to them! We would be subject to exploitation and extirpation that would make the Colonial wars on the Indian nations pale by comparison. Therefore, in referece to "aliens from outer space," most theologians agree that if we are not unique in all of the created order, than we are certainly, for the safety of all of us, under "quaratine" until Our Lord's work be done and we are restored. i hope i made that clear enough for you. There is a good book by C S Lewis that deals with human contact with an "unfallen" race on the planet Venus, the title escapes me, but it clearly expresses the same ideas that i tried to express to you. peace/gvw --- QuickBBS 2.64/O (Reg) * Origin: Search the Scriptures The Berean BBS 317-894-5164 (1:231/170)


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