All School board finally stops Bible readings. A small news item from the Philadelphi

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All School board finally stops Bible readings. From: STWRILEY@VM.TEMPLE.EDU Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism Organization: Temple University A small news item from the Philadelphia Legal Intelligencier gave me a real start the other day. I guess I must be hopelessly naive. It seems that the Warrior Run Area School Board in north-central Pennsylvania voted last week to end the practice of Bible readings during morning exercises. This action was taken under threats of legal action and after several board members had been defeated in a recent election. Now this seems on the surface to be a reaction to an attempted takeover by fundies, yes? NO! Seems that the board had voted only a month before to continue the readings but the practice dated back 38 years! It was instated before the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in 1963 but had never before been challenged. Why was this allowed to continue for so long in open defiance of a Supreme Court ruling? Is this really an example of how our government protects our rights, by making decisions but ignoring their implimentation if the violation is kept quietly out of the public eye? Maybe it's time to apply for citizenship in Oceana after all. --- STEWART RILEY STWRILEY@VM.TEMPLE.EDU ==================================================================== Organization: Computer "Science" Dept, Yale University From: (Scott Horne) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism Religion in the public schools (for British friends: in the US, a public school is a government-funded one, as opposed to a private school) continues. In recent years, I've attended several high-school graduation ceremonies with prayers and other Christian religious rites. Several posters here have reported instances of prayer instituted by teachers. It's not hard to imagine how the schools get away with it: parents will only find out if their children tell them, and most parents wouldn't do anything, anyway (most people probably don't even know what the law says about religion in schools). --Scott


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