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Subject: Re: The God That Can Remain Silent In article <12093@drutx.ATT.COM> zach@drutx.ATT.COM (Zach Lewis) writes: >In article <122986@sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, perryc@wheelie.Sun.COM (Perry Cross) writes: >> In article <12063@drutx.ATT.COM> zach@drutx.ATT.COM (Zach Lewis) writes: >> >In article <19170@mimsy.UUCP>, mangoe@mimsy.UUCP (Charley Wingate) writes: >> >> Perry Cross writes: > >... Stuff deleted > >> My point is, if G-d speaks to us directly don't >> you think it would have more impact? At that point agnostics would have >> to convert. .... deleted >> >> Perry > >The question is then if God said by voice to a person that I created you on >the 6 day would it have a better effect than Him writing it down > >The person who does not want to believe God will still have to say prove it. > >Does God have to goto every person and do some magic trick to prove that He is >God ? > > [ stuff deleted, pc ] > >Zac I think you're taking a leap here, Zac. G-d talked to Eve, Adam, Cain, Able, Noah, Abram, Issac, Jacob (Israel), in Genesis. Any others? Isn't this scripture? Near as I can tell, the first one to actually talk to G-d was Moses. Didn't he write the first five books? I would say that talking to a handful of people is not even close to "doing some magic trick" for everyone. Actually, when Moses when up on Mt Siani he left instructions that anyone found on the hill that didn't belong would be killed. Sounds like a scam to me. I'm reading the Old Testament right now. Having completed Genesis, and currently reading Exodus, I must say that I'm quite unimpressed. What I've read so far is simply text that justifies the Jews slaughter of other tribes, mixed in with some verses about how to comport oneself when not with the enemy. What's this bit about Abraham wrestling with G-d to a standstill? How about him marrying his sister? Lot was "the" righteous man in Sodom, yet he slept with his two daughters and sired their children. Are these words to live by. There are all kinds of problems with Genesis. You can't read it rationaly and hope to make sense of it. When Moses sent the plague against all the livestock in Egypt, it killed all the livestock except those in the land of Goshen (Israeli livestock). Then we're told that Hail kills all the livestock. What, again? Anyone who curses his mother or father is to be put to death. There's an eye for an eye. What's this about you should not cook a young goat in its mother's milk. Is this wisdom for the ages? How about when that guy defiled Dinah and Jacobs's sons kill every man in the village after they tricked them into circumsizing themselves? How does this relate to mankind? These are a kingdom of priests? What about all this talk of slaves? You told me to read the book for myself and form an opinion. After the first chapter, what conclusion should I draw? I can't wait to get to the New Testament. I wonder, if Jesus is actually God, and is simply the human manifestation, then does that mean he was the one wrestling with Abraham? How come he couldn't win? If G-d is all powerful, can he create a wrestler so skillful that he can't pin him? Perry


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