THE BIBLE - RELIGIOUS PORNOGRAPHY Children, as well as adults, can have a traumatic experi

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THE BIBLE - RELIGIOUS PORNOGRAPHY --------------------------------- Children, as well as adults, can have a traumatic experience reading the Bible. Along side the passages of moral admonishments, one repeatedly finds instructions to hate and kill. The Mosaic law commands the reader to kill the child who curses its father and mother and to stone the woman not a virgin when she marries. Jesus upheld these sadistic concepts to the letter. Apologists of the Bible insist that only occasional passages have problems. But these persons overlook the torrential flood of mass murders, commanded and perpetrated by the Biblical God. Here are a few listings of some of the most grotesque, sickening passages that are throughout the "Good Book." When you read them, you will probably agree with Thomas Paine that the Bible is "a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deut. 28:56,57. A delicate woman doing evil to her children and eating them. II Kings 19:35. An angel kills 185,000 people in one night. Deut. 21:18-21. Asking your neighbors to help you stone a stubborn son to death. Exodus 21:20, 21. Beating slaves to death in stages. Proverbs 22:15, 23:14, 20:30. Beating your child black and blue. II Kings 6:29. Boiling and eating your son. Micah 3:2,3, Ezekiel 24:10, Daniel 6:24. Breaking and chopping up bones and seasoning human flesh, flaying flesh off bones. Lev. 20:27, Exodus 22:18. Burning women accused of witchcraft and men accused of wizardry. Judges 11:39. Burning your only daughter alive to fulfill a promise. II Kings 3:27. Burning your son as a sacrifice. Numbers 16:35. Burning 250 princes alive. Numbers 16:27, 33. Burying a criminal's wife and children alive. Isaiah 56:4, 5, Matt. 19:12. Castrating men for the Lord. Matt. 18:8,9, John 18:10, Num. 25:4, Matt 14:10, II Samuel 4:7, 12. Chopping off heads, hands, feet, ears, and plucking out eyes. Judges 19:29. Cutting up a woman's body and distributing the pieces. Luke 8:33, Luke 9:38-42, Job 1:7, Mark 3:11, Mark 1:23-28, I Peter 5:8, Gen. 3:1. Devils tearing peoples bodies to get out, jumping into pigs, talking and walking about, turning into snakes. Numbers 23:24. Drinking blood of the slain. Isaiah 36:12. I Kings 14:10. Drinking your own urine and eating your own excrement. Urinating on public walls. John 6:53. Eating human flesh and drinking human blood. Lev. 26:29, Isaiah 9:20, Jeremiah 19:9, Deut 28:53. Eating the flesh of your own arm, the flesh of your children and of a friend. Isaiah 34:2-6, Judges 7:18. Filling the sword of the Lord with blood. I Samuel 15:33. Hacking a man to death. Num. 25:4, II Kings 10:7, Judges 4:21. Hanging heads against the sun. Putting children's heads in baskets. Nailing a head to the ground. II Sam 12:11, II Sam 16:22. Having repeated sexual intercourse in public view with your neighbor's wives and your father's wives. I Kings 2:25. Hiring a hit man to kill your brother. Acts 1:18, 19, Judges 3:22. Human guts gushing out. II Sam 13:1-22, Gen 19:36, Gen 20:12, Gen. 38:13-27. Incest. Raping your sister. Impregnating your daughters. Marrying your sister. Having sex with your daughter-in-law. Judges 21:7-14. Kidnapping virgins for sex partners. II Sam. 12:14. Killing a child to punish his father. II Kings 11:1, II Kings 10:13, 14. Killing all your grandchildren and nephews. I Sam 15:3, Deut 3:6. Killing man, woman, and an infant suckling. II Sam 4:7, 12. Mutilating the dead. Gen 19:4-8. Offering your virgin daughters to sexual perverts. Gen 22:10. Putting a knife to your child's throat. II Sam 5:8, Num 5:2-4, Lev. 21:17-23. Reviling and abusing the sick, handicapped and deformed. II Kings 15:16. Ripping up pregnant women. Ruth 3:4-15. Seducing your own father and kinsman. Malachi 2:3, Numbers 12:14, Psalms 58:10. Spreading excrement on faces; Spitting in your child's face. Washing your feet in blood. Deut. 22:24. Stoning women because they were rape victims. Ezekiel 23:34. Tearing off women's breasts. Exodus 1:22. Throwing babies into a river. II Kings 9:32-37. Throwing a woman from a window to be run over by horses and eaten by dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are many more. Men and women have been imprisoned for writing similar trash, but because it appears in the Bible, it's supposed to be holy. What person would want his children reading these passages? It is detestable, as is anything that is cruel. The book "The Theory and Practice of Hell" that described the horrors of Auschwitz is a night-time consolation compared to the Bible. And you thought the practices of Devil worshipers were sadistic! Hope these passages gave you an "uplifting" experience today. -- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- !{ihnp4!hpda!seismo!utah-cs!uplherc}!sp7040!dale "THERE IS NO OTHER BOOK BETWEEN WHOSE COVERS LIFE IS SO CHEAP." - Ruth Hurmence Green


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