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From: (Randy D. Miller) Subject: Re: Who wrote the Bible? <565@targon.UUCP> <> <10526@smoke.BRL.MIL> Sender: Reply-To: randy@gtx.UUCP (Randy D. Miller) Followup-To: Distribution: na Organization: GTX Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona Keywords: This discussion reminds me of the "discovery" about the hidden names of God in the book of Esther. It seems that the Old Testament book of Esther does not even once contain the word "God" or "Jehovah" [YHWH], causing some people to doubt its status as a canonical, "inspired" book of the Bible. But not to worry, some clever person found that the book of Esther really does contain the sacred name of God - it's just hidden. If you take the first letter of every Hebrew word in Esther, you will find more than once where the sequence of letters spells God's name - Yodh, He, Waw, He. I believe you can find that sequence if you scan the words forward or backwards, always taking only the initial letters of the words. Let's examine what is going on. The letters Yodh, He, and Waw are some of the most common letters used to begin Hebrew words in the Old Testament. From a sampling of the Hebrew text, I arrived at the following probabilities that any particular word will begin with one of those letters: [1]: Yodh 0.11 He 0.07 Waw 0.22 Others 0.60 ------------ Total 1.00 Given any four word sequence, the probability that the initial letters will spell YHWH is (0.11 * 0.07 * 0.22 * 0.07) = 0.00012. That's one chance in 8433. The book of Esther contains about 3000 Hebrew words giving us 3000 chances in 8433 that God's name could occur. Furthermore, if we scan the words forward *and* backwards, the chances increase to 6000 in 8433. It doesn't surprise me at all that we have found God's name "secretly encoded" in the book! Another reason I'm not impressed that God's name was found in Esther is that you can use the very same method of scanning the initial letters, and run across the name of the Canaanite god, "Baal." At Esther 8:12 you can find three words in a forward sequence with the initial letters Beth, Ayin, Lamedh, which is the spelling of the name of the god "Baal." Notes: [1] Since I don't have the Hebrew text on-line, I made a manual sampling of the Hebrew text from random passages; some error is to be expected. Text used: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (a standard critical edition of the Hebrew "Old Testament"). -- Randy D. Miller ...!sun!sunburn!gtx!randy randy@gtx.UUCP GTX Corp., 8836 N. 23rd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021 (602) 870-1696


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