Simon Ewins Steve Bedard 15-Sep-93 06:30am Faith And Sheep SB> Do you rea

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Simon Ewins Steve Bedard 15-Sep-93 06:30am Faith And Sheep SB> Do you really believe that Christians would be better off if SB> they gave up their faith? Yes, and so would the entire planet. It was dangerous when James Watt, Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, justified despoiling public lands because he was unsure how much time was left "until the Lord comes". It was dangerous when Manuel Lujan, U.S. Secretary of the Interior under President Bush argued against protecting endangered species because "Man is at the top of the pecking order. I think God gave us dominion over these creatures ... consider the human being on a higher scale. Maybe that's because a chicken doesn't talk ... God created Adam and Eve, and from there all of us came. God created us pretty much as we look today." It was dangerous when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia states (in his minority opinion on the Louisiana Creationism Act, June 17, 1987) that he considers that 'creation science' is a body of scientific knowledge. Christianity is a very real danger to this planet. It scares me that people that are that ignorant and superstitious can end up running the government and the justice system of the most powerful nation on the planet. It should scare you too. I have managed to play my tiny role in mankind's adolescence in a way that is rational and without superstition. An individual human's adolescence is a difficult time because it involves discarding childhood fantasies and facing the hard glare of reality. Mankind's adolescence is no easier as evidenced by the difficulty that some are still having in discarding the god-thing myths of man's childhood. The reality that faces them is not going to disappear simply because they close their eyes and ask their imaginary god-thing friend(s) to make it go away. The childhood monster in mankind's closet was Yahweh. It is time to turn on the light and see that there is nothing there.


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