Baldilocks and the Two Bears ..... Once upon a time, there lived an old man called Baldilo

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Baldilocks and the Two Bears ..... Once upon a time, there lived an old man called Baldilocks, well known for his shining bonce, which had once been covered with a thick mat of hair. That was many years ago, and Baldilocks resemblance to an egg was now known far and wide. One day Baldilocks went for a walk to a distant city, where he would be busy with work as a seer. As he was travelling on the road between a town one one side, and a forest on the other, a crowd of joyful, laughing, innocent little boys came out of the town gates. "Hello, mister man, what do you do ?" they asked him. "Why, little boys, I'm a seer. I prophesy for the Christian God, and bless those who do good and curse those who do evil." "Oh, and who taught you to be a seer ?", they asked again. "My teacher was Elijah, who went up to heaven in the fiery chariot of the Lord !" he replied. "Aha ! Can you go up to heaven, too ?" they said, and danced around him in a ring, singing "Go on up, you Baldy head, go on up, you Baldy head !". Baldilocks became most indignant at this ! He was a serious prophet of a serious God ! "A curse on your heads, in the Lord's name !" he declared. He pushed his way through the now silent children, the youngest of whom were beginning to cry at such harsh treatment. Two bears came out of the woods, chasing the poor little fellows and ripping forty-two of them to shreds ! So end those who mock and jest against the Christian God and his serious prophets ! "That'll tell 'em," said Baldilocks. "I'm not REALLY bald," he added, brushing a few remaining strands of hair from over his left ear, dragging them across his scalp in an attempt to salve his hurt ego. Even this would not work, as a strong wind was soon to blow, causing the remaining strands of his mop to stream out like the tail of a comet .....


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