Subject: Jimmy Swaggart -- a new low I caught 'The Swag's' show yesterday on Warner Cable

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From: (Cal Keegan) Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc Subject: Jimmy Swaggart -- a new low Organization: Sugar Land Unix - Houston, TX I caught "The Swag's" show yesterday on Warner Cable channel 1. It's a weird sort of syndicated cable channel -- lots of home shopping shows and stuff. They were raising money, as always. "I need money from each and every one of you to stay on the air." "Our need has never been so dire." "If you've never given before, please, give now." That sort of thing. Anyway, Jimmy said, "They're trying to get rid of me as they've gotten rid of, uh, two or three others." I thought that was incredibly hypocritical, considering Swaggart's central role in the obliteration of Little Jimmy Bakker and Martin Gorman. As I recall, Swaggart called Bakker "a cancer on the body of Christ." Well, forgive me, oh my flock. Boo hoo. I am deeply sorry, but I am still in charge. I am still holding the microphone. Watch my lip quiver when I cry. This is a direct quote: "If I do not return to the pulpit this weekend, millions of people will go to hell." -- Jimmy Swaggart, 5/20/88


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