*reprinted without permission* CHURCHES CONTEST STATUE OF AZTEC GOD SAN JOSE, Calif.,--- I

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From: The Herald-Sun, Durham, NC (AP) *reprinted without permission* CHURCHES CONTEST STATUE OF AZTEC GOD SAN JOSE, Calif.,--- In the latest chapter of public art as public controversy, a group of evangelical and charismatic churches in San Jose is quietly working to reverse a city decision to erect a statue to the ancient Aztec god Quetzelcoatl in a downtown park. Such tales have become familiar, but this version has a few twists. First, the statue at the center of this controversy was first proposed to end another one. Hispanics had objected to a plan to build a statue of Capt. Thomas Fallon, who claimed San Jose for the United States in 1846. Second, the origin of the anti-Quetzelcoatl campaign is somewhat mysterious. Churches form the bulk of the opposition, but they're depending on the research of a city-planning commissioner, distributed by a family and marriage counselor, both of whom disavow any alliance with the church groups. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Maddi Hausmann Sep-22-93 03:52PM Quetzalcoatl and State This story was on the front page of last Saturday's San Jose Mercury News. After reading it, I thought I should organize a letter-writing campaign against the evangelical churches, in support of the statue. Among the umbrella groups I came up with were: Quetzalcoatl Understanding And Secular Humanism (QUASH) -- Non-denominational group in support of freedom to worship in all religions. Quetzalcoatlians United Against Christian Killers (QUACK) -- Anti- fundie group using Aztec religions as an excuse to give those Christians all the shit back that they've been giving us. Quetzalcoatl Unified Entreaties for Sacrifice Today (QUEST) -- Hard- core worshippers in favor of human sacrifice. Christian Reactionaries Against Plumed Serpents (CRAPS) -- Fake fundy group to make the real fundies look even stupider by comparison. I'm sure the SJ Mercury News would be surprised to hear from all these groups, so get your letters in.


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