To: John Beukema Nov-02-93 21:05:00 Subject: HELLO'S ... BUT ...

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From: Richard Quick To: John Beukema Nov-02-93 21:05:00 Subject: HELLO'S ... BUT ... RC>Then again, it's a lot easier to just ignore them, if at all RC>possible. JB> It may well be easier to ignore them. I suggest it would JB> also be very unwise. Agreed. Evil must be attacked, least it overcome us while we sleep. Christian and fundamentist doctrine and dogma are a danger. It seeks to remove our rights as citizens, and place us under the legal burden of their ten commandments and it's interpretation. Uncounted murders, torture (happened here in St. Louis this spring by the christan "scientists"), wars, bigotry, and hatreds are promoted and eulogized by these groups. They have been making efforts here in the midwest to infiltrate the local school districts (creationist) in order to have Mark Twain, J.D. Salinger, and evolution removed from schools. They were nearly sucessful in one district until a local paper debunked them. In this instance they used the usual lies to deny the positions they intended to enforce, but background searches by the newspaper turned up quotes indicating they were fundies. They were subsequently defeated at the polls. The moral of this story, don't turn your back, they like to shoot when your back is turned. Turn on the lights, face them, they run like cockroaches. ... Not only stand in defense of the Truth, attack error!


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