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From Reuter: ATLANTA SUBURB PROTESTS TEN COMMANDMENTS RULING ATLANTA, June 30 (Reuter) - The staunchly conservative Cobb County area of suburban Atlanta will soon be flooded with gold-embossed copies of the Ten Commandments as part of a religious protest directed at the Supreme Court. At issue is the Cobb County Commission's 2.5 year battle to maintain a plaque displaying the Ten Commandments in the local courthouse. The county lost its bid to keep the plaque on May 31, when the Supreme Court refused to review an earlier lower court ruling ordering its removal. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in its Thursday editions that three churches -- two Baptist and one Methodist -- intend to distribute 50,000 copies of the "religious laws" to their congregation members as well as the public at large. Each of the 11-inch by 14-inch posters include a tear-off return card with the address of the American Rights Coalition, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based anti-abortion hot line headed by the brother of a Cobb County commissioner. The cards also contain information on starting local "Ten Commandments" campaigns, the newspaper said. The posters have been paid for by local business leaders. And one of the clergymen spearheading the campaign says the U.S. high court in retrospect may have helped to restore "Christian values" by calling attention to the erosion of religious faith in America. "This may be one of the powerful ways God can work through the blunder of the courts," the Reverend Randell Mickler, pastor of the Mount Bethel United Methodist Church, was quoted as saying. Cobb County, widely viewed as one of the most conservative areas in the United States, currently is a target of protest by national gay rights groups because of a resolution condemning the homosexual "lifestyle." The resolution was passed by the county commission last August with active support from members of the local clergy.


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