Subject: Atheist Organizations/Publications (was: Re: American Atheist journal) Date: 19 O

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From: cook@frith.uucp (Tom Cook) Newsgroups: alt.atheism Subject: Atheist Organizations/Publications (was: Re: American Atheist journal) Message-ID: <> Date: 19 Oct 90 14:11:20 GMT References: <130.271E5153@rochgte.FIDONET.ORG> In addition to American Atheists, here are some Atheist/Freethought/ Humanist organizations and publications (about which American Atheists won't tell you). I belong only to a few of these, so I can't give you many details. Organizations: American Society of Freethinkers P.O. Box 984; Troy, MI 48099 The American Humanist Association (publishes The Humanist magazine) P.O. Box 146, Amherst, NY 14226-0146 The Freedom From Religion Foundation (publishes Freethought Today) P.O. Box 750; Madison, WI 53701-0750 Atheists United P.O. Box 65706; Los Angeles, CA 90065 African-Americans for Humanism (``international organization'' to introduce humanism/Atheism to ``people of color'') P.O. Box 5; Buffalo, NY 14215 Americans For Religious Liberty P.O. Box 6656; Silver Spring, MD 20906-0656 People For The American Way 2000 M ST NW #400; Washington, DC 20036-3307 Publications: The Truth Seeker Magazine James Prescott, Editor 5175 Luigi Terrace #35; San Diego, CA 92122 The Freedom Writer Skipp Porteous, Editor P.O. Box 589; Great Barrington, MA 01230 Secular Humanist Tendencies 16389 Gladiola, Rosemount, MN 55068 The Secular Humanist Bulletin P.O. Box 5; Buffalo, NY 14215-0005 Free Inquiry magazine P.O. Box 5; Buffalo, NY 14215-0005 The American Rationalist magazine P.O. Box 994; St. Louis, MO 63188 Biblical Errancy newsletter Dennis McKinsey, Editor 3158 Sherwood Park DR; Springfield, OH 45505-2915; 513/323-6146


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