The Christian Values Coalition Chuckle Channel. ************************* JESUS IS LORD!

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The Christian Values Coalition Chuckle Channel. ************************* JESUS IS LORD! ************************* Q: Why did the atheist cross the road? A: So he could get to Hell faster! Q: Why do Hillary and Bill Clinton only have one child? A: They sacrificed the others to Satan so he could get elected! Q: How many communists does it take to change a light bulb? A: None! They're all in jail! And then, they're going to Hell! A travelling secular humanist salesman has a flat tire and asks a Christian farmer if he can stay the night until he can call for help. The Christian tells him not to bother, because God won't help him! ************************* PRAISE GOD! ***************************** Q: A feminist and a Mormon woman both apply for a job. Who gets it? A: The Christian man! Q: How do you close an abortion clinic? A: Blow it to Kingdom Come! Q: Did you hear about the atheist terrorist? A: He didn't believe in his cause, so he went to Hell twice! A rabbi, a Catholic Priest, and a Christian Minister were in a lifeboat. There were sharks surrounding the boat, and there was a slow leak. The Rabbi prayed to God, but God ignored him. The Priest prayed to God, but God ignored him. The Minister just smiled because he knew he was Saved! ************************* JOHN 3:16! ****************************** Q: Why was October 28th the wrong date for the Rapture? A: Because God wanted the Christians to vote for George Bush first! Q: Why do secular humanists think Dan Quayle is stupid? A: They also think we're not going to Heaven! An atheist and a Christian played golf. The atheist computed how to hit the ball given the weather and conditions. The Christian prayed to God and he won! Q: What did the Christian say to the evolutionist? A: I guess that makes you a monkey's uncle! Q: Why do evolutionists think the world is 5.6 billion years old? A: Because Satan tricked them! ************************** JESUS LOVES YOU *********************** I think I'm going to be sick.


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