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Msg # 9 Date: 07 May 91 02:38:29 From: Christopher Baker To: All Subj: Membership Application for Print-out ____________________________________________________________________________ Membership Application For American Atheists, Inc. Last name ___________________________________________________________ First name __________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________ This is to certify that I am in agreement with the "Aims and Purposes" and the "Definitions" of American Atheists. I consider myself to be Materialist or Atheist (i.e. non-theist) and I have, therefore, a particular interest in the separation of state and church and American Atheists' efforts on behalf of that principle. I usually identify myself for PUBLIC purposes as (check one): ___ Atheist ___ Objectivist ___ Agnostic ___ Freethinker --- Ethical Culturalist ___ Realist ___ Humanist ___ Unitarian ___ I evade reply ___ Rationalist ___ Secularist ___ Other:___________ I am, however, an Atheist and I hereby make application for membership in American Atheists, said membership being open ONLY to Atheists. (Those not comfortable with the appellation "Atheist" may not be admitted to membership but are invited to subscribe to the American Atheist magazine.) Both dues and contributions are to a tax-exempt organization and I may claim these amounts as tax deductions on my income tax return. (This application must be dated and signed by the applicant to be accepted.) Signature _____________________________________ Date _________________ Membership in American Atheists includes a free subscription to the monthly journal 'American Atheist Newsletter' as well as all the other rights and privileges of membership. Please indicate your choice of membership dues: ___ Life, $750 ___ Individual, $50/year ___ Couple Life, $1000 (Please ___ Age 65 or over, $25/year give both names above.) (Photocopy of ID required.) ___ Sustaining, $150/year --- Student, $20/year (Photo ___ Couple/Family, $75/year copy of ID required.) (Please give all names above.) Upon your acceptance into membership, you will receive a handsome gold-embossed membership card, a membership certificate personally signed by Jon G. Murray, president of American Atheists, our special monthly American Atheist Newsletter to keep you informed of the activities of American Atheists, and your intial copy of the American Atheist. Life members receive a specially embossed pen and pencil set; sustaining members receive a commemorative pen. Your name will be sent to the Chapter in your local area if there currently is one, and you will be contacted so you may become a part of the many local activities. Memberships are nonrefundable. Send to: American Atheists, Inc., P.O. Box 140195, Austin_TX, 78714-0195. --- D'Bridge B1046/00R * Origin: Rights On! - Free of Religion! - Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14)


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