Do you think we should judge the Branch Davidians by conducting a theological analysis of

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From: rohan@nmc.NoSubdomain.NoDomain (Rohan Oberoi) Message-ID: <1smgqu$> Newsgroups: alt.atheism Do you think we should judge the Branch Davidians by conducting a theological analysis of their ridiculous cult and their mad leader? Pointing out that the Bible is full of holes is one way in which people have tried to attack Christianity; it has been going on since, oh, Julian Augustus's "Against the Galileans". The approach has, however, been more or less rejected by intelligent people (like Bertrand Russell) because it has become painfully obvious that Christians are not troubled in the least by the fact that their holy book is cockeyed and logically indefensible. There is no evidence against the divinity of Jesus because there is none for it. It rests on the word of a few uneducated good-for-nothings (Paul was one of the worst) who cobbled together a cult on the strength of their story that Jesus came back to life after he had been executed. Great and wise? Jesus was the inspiration for a cult which proceeded to burn every scrap of the learning of classical civilisation that it could lay its hands on. It dealt with every semblance of free inquiry with fire and sword for the next fifteen hundred years. Jesus may have been a really nice guy if you met him in person, but empirically he and his followers rank way up above Hitler and Stalin as the most dangerous idiots of all time. We understand that your faith comes from a disinclination to question certain basic axioms: the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus. Don't expect us to take these on faith. We are not interested in the nitty-gritty of the Bible because it is interesting only if you accept the first two axioms. Look, I think I've explained above where Christians are coming from. We don't expect you to be open minded about it, because anyone who takes such a momentous claim as the existence of God on nothing less tenuous than the say-so of a bunch of crazies like "Mathew," "Mark" "Luke" and "John" is unlikely to be appealed to by reason. Just don't make ignorant statements about open-mindedness is all we ask.


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