> Today is the first day I have been on NET NEWS, and what do I see, > ATHIESM. I believe

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> Today is the first day I have been on NET NEWS, and what do I see, > ATHIESM. I believe the ones who don't believe in God, don't believe in > Love, Power, and obedience. If you don't believe in God, than what > do you believe in? Atheism is the belief in man as Individual, accountable, and thus responsible, only to himself for his actions. 'God' is a fiction, a delusion for the less strong, less inspired herd, the 'many-too-many', who require the comforts of such delusions to survive in the harsh realm of the Now. An atheist is not a monster, on the contrary. He is 'pure'. In that he is honest with his conscience and true to his convictions, his understanding that 'God', or gods, whether they exist or no, are irrelevent and unnecessary, save perhaps as a coward's crutch. To asume that because an individual does not deign to believe in the ad-hoc doctrines of your, or any other, popular, populist 'Faith', he cannot love, feel, and/or experience an equal gamut of emotions and expressions as, say, yourself, is ridiculous. There is no monopoly on Love, loyalty, morality, or compassion. If it suits you and your supreme-being cultists to build temples and grovel to some non-existant entity, fine, do so. You are certainly within your rights. I would ask only that you re-examine the basis of the collected fallacies you call 'religion', do some alternative, objective reading, some actual research into the whys and wherefores of atheism, re-evaluate your life and role this cancer, 'God''s, place in it, and ask yourself: "Can I JUSTIFY God?". The only rational answer is, of course, No. Remember that an atheist, by definition, is self-declared. A convert AWAY from what lies you and your kind would preach. There is no such thing as a 'born' atheist - there can't be. Usually (I can't speak for all), the decision to renouce the vain trappings of 'Faith' involves a life-time of torturous self-evaluation; It's not something done on a whim or impulse. Adherents to religion are processed from conception to grave. Wheras, for us, atheists in general, the decision to reject is a conscious one, for you and drones like you, the 'decision' towards accepting religion (J.C. et. al.) was sheet-stamped into you from birth. I HAVE seen the light, my friend, and I know my path.


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