Subject: Michael Martin's recent book Date: 25 Jul 91 00:00:28 GMT Sender:

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Path: ncsuvm!taco!lll-winken!iggy.GW.Vitalink.COM!widener!!msuinfo!!lacey From: (Mark M Lacey) Newsgroups: alt.atheism Subject: Michael Martin's recent book Message-ID: <> Date: 25 Jul 91 00:00:28 GMT Sender: Reply-To: (Mark M Lacey) Distribution: alt Organization: Dept. of Computer Science, Michigan State University Lines: 17 Originator: Hello. I was just wondering what opinions alt.atheism readers have about Michael Martin's recent book, Atheism - A Philosophical Justification I picked it up from the library a couple days back and have had a chance to read the first couple chapters. The book seems to go into quite a bit of depth. It is not light reading. For those interested, here are the essentials: Atheism - A Philosophical Justification Michael Martin Copyright 1990 by Temple University ISBN 0-87722-642-3 BL 2747.3.M3313 -- Mark M. Lacey []


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