Subject: Re: Atheists mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat Waites) wrote : > Atheism has nothing to say

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From: (Gary Strand) Subject: Re: Atheists Reply-To: (Gary Strand) mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat Waites) wrote : > Atheism has nothing to say about anything. It is simply bleak, dry, empty > nothingness. We are all rocks waiting to be smashed by time. > > Sounds like an appealing system of belief, eh? Versus "We are all fearful slimeballs dripping sin and hoping that God's whim won't put in us torturous Hell forever and ever." I think your statements reveal much of your thoughts and feelings about Man as Man. You seem to think that Man is incapable of Good unless told so by some supernatural being. I and many others refuse to have such a bleak belief of humans as humans. Have you ever heard: "And Man knew that he was good, and created God in his own image." > Sure, most atheists are law abiding citizens, but why and for how long? Why? - Because I give others humans respect for being human, not because some 'God' said "Thou shalt be nice to thy fellow man else I shall burn thee forever in Hell!" How Long? - As long as others treat me with the respect I give them. This seems to be a trait in short supply amongst righteous religious folk. > Doesn't atheism eventually lead to the decay of society? No, but it can lead to tooth decay..... Actually, comparing the most secular periods of history against the most religious periods of history should indicate just the opposite. It is when Man is most proud of being Man that he has made the greatest accomplishments and life has improved greatly. Those periods in which Man has retreated in fear of his Gods (to his cave or church) that have been the most stagnant. > Sorry to be grandiose, but can't you attribute the horrible crime problems > in DC, LA, etc to a lack of moral and ethical base in the population? If you feel that people are inherently wicked and sinful, then one can draw these sorts of conclusions. My question comes down to a chicken-and-egg sort of problem: Are people sinful because they are inherently so, and we need religion to teach us the straight and narrow, OR is that religion has taught us that we are wicked and sinful and thus we live up to the expectation? BTW, once again, you seem to assume that a moral system need be handed down to Man. I think otherwise. > How can you impress people with the need to be "good" when they believe they > are rocks? How can people expect to be good when they are told that they are wicked deceitful lustful sinful blobs, to be judged by Almighty God? -- Gary $trand Judge, and be prepared to be judged. "I'm the NRA"


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