Subject: Prophecy? Ha Ha Ha ha ha haaahaha (was Re: Atheism as a religion) Article <1193@c

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From: (Gary Strand) Subject: Prophecy? Ha Ha Ha ha ha haaahaha (was Re: Atheism as a religion) Organization: NCAR/CGD, Boulder, CO Article <1193@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) says : > >Much of this has already been discussed so in a capsule form here is a few >of the prophecies given in scripture and fulfilled by God: ['Prophecies' deleted because if I read them again I'll hurt myself laughing.] About all I can say is 'How conveeeenient'. Joe, have you ever thought of the possibility that these 'prophecies' were added in AFTER the event occurred? I mean really, if you're trying to sell someone on the idea tha YOUR God is the RIGHT God, then having God bat 1.000 is more impressive. The one about the broken bone etc. really 'cracked' (ugggh) me up because the written account of Jesus' life was written after he was long gone. Perhaps the writers decided that Jesus would make some 'predictions' that would be shown true at some 'later' time. If I would write a book of this sort, the main character could make all sorts of fancy predictions: Saturday, 21 January 1989. (Really!) Bob arose with a start from this incredible dream he had just had. A god-like voice had told him that the winner of tomorrow's Super Bowl would be the 49ers by a score of 20-16. Bob could not be sure, but, after all, it was an impress- ive voice! By the next afternoon, Bob had watched the game and lo and behold, the voice was right! "The voice must have been God" Bob said. So he went out and told the masses of God's great power and the message he had been given. [End parody] See, Joe? My guy Bob really DID know the future! Ha ha ha ha hahhahhhaaah! >All of man's problems are theological in nature.... they stem from our sin >and disobediance to God. Politics is merely man's attempt to wrest power >from the only true King and God of the Universe, Jesus. So why do fundies try to cram their ideas down everyone else's throats, if politics is just a diversion for us po' little men? Besides, if all of man's problems are theological in nature, then what sense is it to study anything else, like 1st aid, CPR, medicine, etc? Can I just go up to an AIDS victim and say, "Yea, oh ye of great disease! Follow God's word and thou shall be heal-ed!" (Of course, I know that AIDS victims have the disease because of their sin. Yea, right.) Well, Joe, will this work? I say no. >So long as man feeblely attempts a futile peace this world will be at >turmoil, fortunately we have God's promise of an empire that will never end, >ruled by Jesus! With folks like Joe who have such hatred and disgust for man as man, it is little wonder that there is so much discord and strife. Perhaps we should start looking at each other as valuable and lovable beings, rather than the wicked sinful piles of s**t that the Joe-ites try to tell us we are. Joe, you can take your crappy ideas about man and put them down the toilet where they belong. > - Joe Applegate - > > ======================STANDARD DISCLAIMER============================ > All views and opinions are my own and do not represent the views or > opinions of the Colorado School of Mines, whatever they might be. > ===================================================================== I am most sure that CSM is glad you have this disclaimer. I am surprised that Joe has restricted his disclaimer to just CSM. He ought to include the rest of humanity as well. I want nothing to do with Joe and his minions. Of course, they want plenty to do with me. As such, they must be fought at all times, lest we humans succumb to their filth. ============================================================================== From the people who helped bring you Nuclear Winter, | Gary Strand, CGD/NCAR the Ozone Hole, and now, the Greenhouse Effect! | (303) 497-1398 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. - Roger Bacon ==============================================================================


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