Subject: Atheism (Re: Bible in the Schools) In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UU

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From: (Joe Nunes) Subject: Atheism (Re: Bible in the Schools) Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: >Atheism with it's disregard for a creator and it's embrace of evolutionary >thought leaves only one reason and goal for existance: the developement >of mankind. For it hold humanity as the goal of evolution... and the further >evolution of man as the goal of the universe. Thus it is a homocentric >religion (most others religions are theocentric). Speak for yourself. I am an agnostic (leaning towards atheism more than towards theism) and the existence (or non-existence) of a creator is not an important factor on my life. However, I most certainly *do not* have, as my single reason for existence, the development of mankind. You are assuming that one needs a reason for existence. I totally disagree with that point of view. I believe there is *no* purpose to life, nor is there any goal to be achieved. My sole strategy is to try to maximize my happiness and the happiness of those around me. Period. I couldn't care less about the evolution of man. The argument that a lack of a God-centered religious belief implies a human-centered religious belief is totally invalid. One doesn't have to play either game. >More than that it is a belief system. As a geologist who has studied not >only my field of geochemistry but also biochemistry and at one point >cosmology and general astonomy... I find it takes more faith to believe >in a self creating and perpetuating universe than one with a creator. Once again, speak for yourself. Personally I find that the concept of a non-created universe is as intellectually plausible as the concept of a non-created God. Or if you prefer: it is just as easy for me to believe in a *non-conscious* creative force in the universe (e.g. energy) as it is for me to believe in a *conscious* force (e.g. God).


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