In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: >Atheism with it'

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In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: >Atheism with it's disregard for a creator and it's embrace of evolutionary >thought leaves only one reason and goal for existance: the developement >of mankind. For it hold humanity as the goal of evolution... and the further >evolution of man as the goal of the universe. Thus it is a homocentric >religion (most others religions are theocentric). Branding the absence of religion as a religion is an intellectual red herring whose sole real purpose, as far as I can discern, is to shove your version of religion (including the ludicrously unscientific "creation science") down the throats of your neighbors' children and to demand, in general, governmental policies favoring your religion. "Atheism," as I try to practice it, is a love of life, an awareness of its tenuousness and uncertainty, a wonder at its marvels, realization of the world's and my own imperfection. It's an attempt on my part to become a better person -- to deal honestly, openly and uncoercively with others, to try to be nice to people, to treat them as I would be treated. Jesus' own teachings are not inconsistent with these beliefs. I think he said something like "you were given the law and you couldn't obey it so this is all that matters: love god above all else and do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If we agree that god is unknowable, and that, despite the most vociferous protestations of the miracles-are-real crowd, that there is not much evidence for god's intervention in our day-to- day lives, then it is not a long stretch for god to be that there is something instead of nothing, that we seem to be on our own, that we're not here for long, and that we should not mistreat each other during our stay. My point I guess, is that, call it god or whatever, we all know, viscerally, "in our hearts" if you will, the "right" thing to do when it's important, and that we should try to do what's right, and whether you call it "worshiping god" or "atheism", I will not accept that people who live this way, working to make the world a better place, even if that just means trying to be cheerful, helpful and honest, are consigned to eternal torment for not having given assent to some specific complicated dogma or participated in some arcane ritual. -- bigtex!texbell!sugar!keegan "Never ascribe to malice that which is caused uunet!/ by greed and ignorance." -- me


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