Subject: Re: GOD???? In article <89306.033243MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET> MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET (Mike Ti

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Subject: Re: GOD???? In article <89306.033243MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET> MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET (Mike Tierney) writes: > > THEORETICAL THEOLOGIAN THOUGHTS: > > Is there a "God"? > No, I don't beleive there is a god. After hearing about god and christianity for 18 years from my father who is an Assemblies of God minister, I decided I would become agnostic until I made up my own mind. I have studied the question over and over very intensely and finally made up my mind that there was no god, only peoples need for the mystical and their ignorance of the unknown. So..... I would like to comment on your questions: > "GOD" IS A SADO-MASOCHIST!!! > ============================ > Evidence: > * He's been demanding sacrifices and torture since the early >days of religion! This is incorrect. god has never demanded sacrifices, people have. They have used religion to serve their own ends and wishes since this fiasco began. > * Nothing in the universe seems to work right. Rain causes >erosion, cars break down, lightning hits trees, computers crash, links >go down, COBOL exists. Thus causing pain and agony. Again, I disagree. Everything works absolutely the way it should. It bothers my that people beleive that death, pain, and suffering should be abolished. WHY? Because it doesn't FEEL good? Have you ever done something so much that it just wasn't pleasurable anymore? Your last bite of the candy bar is never as good as the first. If there was no pain and death, we would have no idea what life and happiness were. It wouldn't be living. We MUST have pain and death in order to appreciate the sweetness of that first bite. The only way this relates to christianity is that god is supposed to be a loving god and all that jazz. It doesn't befit a loving god to let children die horrible deaths all over the world. This is only one example of this hippocrasy. > * Most organizations set up to follow Him in some way have advocated >the killing, or looking down upon, those who do not have beliefs similar >to the organization in question. Thus, war, opposition, and other >unpleasantries are brought up. BRAVO! Christianity has been the source of more destruction, pain, and death than you can imagine. Even in our own country it is the source of immense guilt and pain. Again, it is amazing that such a loving god allows this. > * Life, theoretically created by Him, is often times a very >uncomfortable and painful process. Disease, emotions, and simple bodily >processes many times cause pain and discomfort. > * He sends hurricanes, earthquakes, and a copious assortment of >natural disasters to cause pain and suffering all over the earth. > > Why would He do all this if He didn't like it?? > > Could it be that "God", who seems to have neglected the earth for a >real long time, really just wants someone to give him a good whipping, >or to pierce His nipples? There is no god. Not a christian god at least. Everything about christianity is obtuse and contradictory. It is an absurb travesty of human intelligence. Being used to the ignorance and stubornness of fanitical christians, I would like to ask that no one send me long speals on why god does the things he does and how great he is, and how he died for me. Keep it. I've heard it a thousand times and could probably preach to you better than you could to me. I know what your opinions are already. I don't want them again. P.S. I know this is in the wrong newsgroup. Just couldn't resist. Apologies extended to all you netters that care. -- Jesse W. Asher - Dynasys - (901)382-1705 Internet: jessea@dynasys.UU.NET 6196-1 Macon Rd., Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38134 UUCP: uunet!dynasys!jessea


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