Subject: Re: Is the Christian God a God of wrath or love? Well here's an atheist viewpoint

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Subject: Re: Is the Christian God a God of wrath or love? Well here's an atheist viewpoint on this subject: People who's hearts are full of vengeance tend to believe in a God of vengeance. For instance, I note many so called 'right to lifers' who claim to put the life of an unborn child ahead of the 'selfish' wishes of the mother. Many of these people are more than willing to allow exceptions in the case of women who were victime of rape and incest and allow abortions in such cases. Do the children who are the result of rape count for less in the eyes of God? I suggest that the real motivation is that these people subconciously believe thet children are God's punishment for having sex, particularly illicit or casual sex. They conclude that people who are pregnant with unwanted children should 'pay the price' and have the child. If they really cared about the unborn children, they would be lining up to adopt them, and would not advocate abortion, even in extreme cases. On the same subject, I noticed a Preacher on TV last night who claimed that our recent earthquake was a 'sign from God', that it was 'An event of spiritual significance', and that it was a 'warning'. IN other words (my postulation), he thinks Californians 'deserve' an earthquake as 'penalty' for being such fun loving free people. If there is anything a believer in a God of vengeance abhors, it is people who exhibit freedom, people who have too much fun, and people who treat sex as a form of recreation'. Psychiatrists could learn a great deal about a persons inner mind from examining the particular characteristics of the God(s) a person believes in. Jim Munro


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