Anticravatarianism is a religion that is based on the belief that when we die the soul lea

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Anticravatarianism is a religion that is based on the belief that when we die the soul leaves the body through the top of the head. This is the highest area of the body both in a physical sense, and in a moral/ cognitive/philosophical sense, and is, therefore, closer to heaven in both senses. If you are wearing something constricting around your neck, the narrowest portion of the "exit path" for the soul, then the soul can not get out and you go to hell, or just get stuck on earth (which amounts to about the same thing). Since it is uncertain that you will be able to predict your death in advance (accidents happen, lightning strikes, innocent bystanders get shot, hearts fail without warning, etc.) it is never a good idea to be wearing something tight around your neck. The name of the religion is derived from this (in case you are not familiar with the word, "cravat" means "necktie"). There appears to be an instinct in people to loosen anything tight one might be wearing around the neck in times of stress or to do so for others when they appear to be close to death. There is also a long-standing method of execution for common criminals that is designed specifically to prevent the soul from escaping: hanging. In actual fact, Anticravatarians are mildly against the wearing of *any* clothing (unless it is needed for protection from the environment. I.E. cold, heat, thorns, poison ivy, etc.) for the same reason that we refuse to wear neckties, but, since other clothing does not actually *prevent* the egress of the soul, it is not actually forbidden. It does interfere slightly, which may explain why God does not approve of clothing. There was none in the Garden of Eden (and Adam and Eve got evicted right after they invented it...) and to this day people are created without clothing. If God intended us to wear clothing, we would be born that way, and we wouldn't keep trying to grow out of the things for years on end. In any event, since it doesn't prevent the soul escaping the body, it is permissible at the option of the individual. If people want to take a chance on making egress harder, that is their business. Making it impossible (i.e. wearing ties) is, however, forbidden completely. Anticravatarianism is not an evangelical religion. We don't go from door to door pestering people with it, or take out ads in magazines, or preach to anyone who doesn't ask first, or at least show some interest. It is a very simple belief system, and is compatible with many other religions. Lots of Anticravitarians are also Jews, Christians, Moslems, and even Agnostics (why take a chance if you don't have to? ;^) In short, if you believe that it makes sense, and chose to practice its major restriction, then you are a member of the church. There is no place to send donations, no regular meetings (chance meetings of members are about it) and we are not recognized by the IRS (we've never asked for recognition. Since we have no money, what whould be the point?). If you want to join, just take off that necktie and relax. If anyone asks you about it, tell them about the creed. Good enough?


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