I am appalled, shocked, and saddened by the recent Colorado amendment which remove

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I am appalled, shocked, and saddened by the recent Colorado amendment which removed current and future civil rights guarantees from a select minority (homosexuals). How do Coloradians morally justify legislating hate and repression, after the bitter and hard-won civil rights successes in the past three decades? Will the Jews be next on the list of non-conformists to be awarded second-class citizen status? Are black people next to be alienated from their "unalienable" rights? Will my sex life, as a heterosexual, some day be the business of all the citizens of Colorado? For the past eight years I have spent two weeks in Colorado, at Vail, skiing. Now I can not morally justify my doing business with Colorado by vacationing there; this year, and all future years, I'll ski in Mammoth in California. My yearly camping trips to Bailey Colorado will also be rescheduled to another location. I do not want anything to do with an entire State that would strip fundamental rights from millions of Americans. I am ashamed of being a citizen of a Nation that would claim rights and justice for all, but legislate hate and oppression, based solely on the occult hallucinations of a loud out-of-control manic minority such as "Focus on the Family" cult, which funded the new hate law. Where is Colorado's shame? --- David Rice


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