Found on America OnLine. Note how Clinton/Gore backed off their abortion rights position

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Found on America OnLine. Note how Clinton/Gore backed off their abortion rights position and how a a fucking religious originization intimidated the entire world. ================================================================ IS THERE A VATICAN AGENDA? Is there a Vatican Agenda, in respect to its avowed antagonism toward the upcoming Cairo Population Conference? If so, what is this agenda, and what are its consequences if carried out? What are the facts pertaining to the Vatican's ongoing opposition to artificial contraception, and abortion? These are the topics which will be covered in this article. In regard to the Cairo Conference, it is already a matter of public record that: 1- The Vatican is totally opposed to any liberalization of family planning measures, which it denouces as "cultural imperialism" on the part of the West. 2- The Vatican has instigated secret meetings with their counterparts in Muslim countries, to drum up support for an anti-contraceptive, anti-abortion, and overall anti-population control stance, Before going on to the Vatican's specific agenda, it is worthwhile reviewing the basis for its current violent stance against practical family-planning measures. It can be said that the modern opposition to artificial methods of birth control began with the poorly conceived papal encyclical "Humanae Vitae" issued in 1968. This encyclical, written by Paul VI, was astounding if for no other reason than it contradicted the majority decision of his own appointed Papal Commission. This conclusion was to liberalize the Church's teaching, to allow the use of aritifical contraceptives. Rather than listen to his own Commission, however, Paul VI opted to listen to a Vatican relic Cardinal Ottaviani. Ottaviani warned him that should he change the Church's teaching stance - and follow the recommendation of the Papal Commission, the Church would lose its "authority". After all, for many years the Church had openly insisted that artificial contraception was grievously wrong - now, all of a sudden, it would reverse this for the World to see? This, Ottaviani insisted, would be utter folly and disaster. WIth this sense of insecurity now moverwhelming him, Paul VI acceded to Ottaviani and rejected his own Commission's finding and recommendation. The rest is now history. Since that infamous date of issuing the encyclical, more than 2 billion have been added to the world's population - mostly in the underdeveloped nations. These billions must compete for an ever shrinking share of resources, including food, fresh potable water and fuel. Author David Yallop, in his courageous book "In God's Name", notes the effects (Yallop, 1984, p. 58): On a disaster scale for the Roman Catholic Church,( the encyclical Humanae Vitae) measures higher than the treatment of Galileo in the 17th century, and the declaration of papal infallibility in the 19th In his book, Yallop also lays the blame for the vast amount of ensuing human misery and suffering directly at the feet of "Humane Vitae", and insists that Cardinal Ottaviani - among others "bear an awesome responsibility for what was to follow.... The amount of death, misery and suffering that directly resulted from the papal decision can to a large degree be laid directly at their feet". (Yallop, 1984, p. 54). Yallop goes even further, in documenting the role of a clique of Vatican n'er do wells in the murder of Pope John Paul I, in September, 1978. It is interesting to note that Alberto Luciani (John Paul I) had fully expressed his intention to revise the Church's teaching against aritifical contraceptives (Yallop, 1984). This, however, was probably not the sole motive for his murder: he also intended to press for a full investigation of the Vatican Bank and its links to the Banco Ambrosiano, as well as the role of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus in the Bank's murky dealings. With Luciani (John Paul I) removed from the scene, the stage was set for Karol Woltjyla - one of the most reactionary, anti-contraception bishops in Poland, to take the reigns as John Paul II. Not surprisingly perhaps, he proceeded to mount an ongoing, extremely hostile campaign against all forms of legitimate family planning (with the exception of the useless "rhythm method" of Ogino-Knaus).This entailed not only making pronouncements from the Vatican, but actually travelling to various underdeveloped and overpopulated countires - in Latin American and Africa especially - and exhort the masses therein not to partake of family planning methods. To the extent he has done this - and succeeded in dissuading people from rational family planning, John Paul II can be regarded as an eco-criminal - since this policy has direectly contributed to catastrophic consumption and contamination of the planet's finite resources. The question now emerges: What could possibly be this Pope's - and by extension, the Vatican's, agenda - in relentlessly condemning family planning organizations worldwide, and waging all out propaganda war against them? If one considers the history of the Roman Catholic Church - and the recent developments of the past twenty-five years, there is only one objective: the domination of the Western World by sheer numbers of Catholics - thereby ushering in a new "Holy Roman Empire" centered on the Vatican. Indeed, the United States is by no means excluded from the Vatican's nefarious plans. Certainly, in the United States, the Vatican influences population growth - and demographics - not only by its stance against family planning, but by its immigration policies. These include enunciated papal positions to the effect that:(see. e.g. Simcox, 1993): 1- Every human on Earth has a divine right to migrate to the United States and take up residence there in the pursuit of a better life, 2- The United States has no inherent right to limit immigration, 3- The Catholic Church rejects the notion of national sovereignty, 4- Immigration restrictions are immoral 5- The Catholic Church rejects the U.S. government's distinction between political and economic refugees. These documented positions clearly disclose the Vatican's agenda, in terms of a blatant attempt to interfere in standing U.S. immigration policies, in an effort to tilt U.S. population demographics toward Catholicism - via the infusion of a plethora of Catholic immigrants. This is confirmed by remarks of the Rev. Richard J. Ryscavage quoted in "The National Catholic Register" (Nov. 8, 1992) in terms of why "the Church is going to be very healthy in the 21st century". Further, if the Vatican can succeed in overturning the legal immigration limits in the U.S., then conceivably it can do so anywhere - including western Europe. In this way one immediately can recognize the underlying hidden agenda in its anti- contraceptive stance: to overload the underdeveloped nations with too many people, creating population pressures that will overflow into the U.S. and Europe - converting both de facto into appendages of the Vatican hierarchy. This is why the U.S. must absolutely not relent in maintaining controls over its borders, and not give into the Vatican. As a final note, to attempt to increase paranoia and distrust of any and all family planners, the Vatican has sowed multiple rumors in third world countries to the effect that the U.S. and its western European cohorts are attempting to "control the populations of non-white countries." To foment distrust in Islamic countries, the Vatican has merely altered its propaganda wording to read: "control the populations of Muslim countries". Already, the efficacy of this despicable and cynical strategy is apparent - what with Muslim fundamentalist groups threatening to kill any Population Conference participants in Cairo, and Saudi Arabia withdrawing entirely. It is hoped that all atheists who read this article, will take up their pickets and protest strongly when the Pope comes to this country in October. He must not be allowed to forget what a callous, ecological criminal he really is - and how his intentional plan for overpopulation of the Earth - to further his own religion's ambitions, makes him no better than Hitler - since a genocide of famine, disease and war awaits millions of those trapped within the destitution he and his Church have created. References: Simcox, D.:1993, "The Catholic Hierarchy and Immigration: Boundless Compassion-Limited Responsibility", The Soical Contract, Vol.3, pp. 90-95 Yallop, D.: 1984, In God's Name, Corgi Books, Great Britain.


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