The self-appointed censor Rev. Donald Wildmon and his group is at it again- this time the

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The self-appointed censor Rev. Donald Wildmon and his group is at it again- this time the target is Saturday Night Live. For those who may be unfamiliar with the American Family Association, they are an affiliation of mostly fundamentalist religious groups who seek to censor and control any program in the mass media which offends their religious views. It is one thing to advocate boycotting a show, but quite another to target corporate sponsors and networks, in order to prevent *other* people from viewing shows. Toward this end, the group targets several companies each month, and subjects them to an intense mail and phone campaign. They threaten to boycott the company if they don't pull their support of offending shows, and the sheer volume of complaints is sometimes enough to fool companies into thinking that this group has enough members and support to do real harm with the boycott. They don't. They are just a small but extremely vocal minority. Unfortunately, this tactic is often successful. Saturday Night Live is now their target. They have targetted the top 10 sponsors, and have convinced 4 of them to drop support. This is YOUR television that they attempting to censor, by shutting down otherwise popular albeit controversial shows. I encourage everyone to write or call these companies; a well-written original note explaining the *real* views of the public can go a long way toward undoing the control these zealots are attempting to place on our culture. Companies who have dropped support are: Pres. Koichi Amemiya American Honda Company 100 West Alondra Gardena, CA 90248 (213) 783-2000 Chrm. Robert E. Allen AT&T 550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022 (212) 605-5500 Pres. John R. Albers Dr. Pepper/7-Up Inc. PO Box 665086 Dallas, TX 75265 (214) 360-7000 Chrm. James Near Wendy's International PO Box 256 Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 764-3100 Apparently the AFA has nothing better to do than scan all of the TV channels and censor anything which offends them, whether or not its something that they normally watch or not. If you want to see the censors at work first- hand, send a letter with a bit of foaming-at-the-mouth to them, and they'll send you a couple of months free subscription to their newsletter: Donald E. Wildmon American Family Association 107 Parkgate P.O. Drawer 2440 Tupelo, MS 38803-9988 Thanks for your support.


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