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From: Brian Moore To: All Msg #709, Oct-16-93 21:44:00 Subject: Jumping Jesus on a Pogostick! Hello All, I have been unable to read the message base for the past month because of problems with the BBS I call from. I am now back if anyone cares, which I am sure no one does. (grin) In my absense however, I have had a quite a bit of time to read several books on the conflicts of creation vs. evolution. One book of mention is Abusing Science by Phillip Kitcher. There is one paragraph of some importance which I would like to share with everyone. "The Alliance between the Moral Majority and the "scientific" Creationists serves both allies well. Jerry Falwell's Old Time Gospel Hour offers a forum for broadcasting Creationist ideas. On the other hand, Falwell needs conrete issues around which to build his movement. Those who are drawn in are exhorted to carry the cause into their local schools. Tactical advice is readily available. Readers of the Creationist newsletter are encouraged to make lists of teachers who promote evolutionary theory or argue against Creationism. And, for a small fee, the Institute for Creation Research will send out a pamphlet, written by its director, Henry Morris. In "Introducing Creationism in the Public Schools," Morris tells parents and students how they can help. He suggests that concerned parents might "establish a formal community organization, with some appropriate name (Citizens for Scientific Creationism, Parents Concerned for Educational Integrity, Civil Rights for Creationists, Committee for the Improvement of Education, ect.)"; or they could poll the views of their community; students who believe in Creationism are encouraged to raise questions in class-but they are urged to be respectful and courteous, "winesome and tactful, kind and patient"; Morris also adds that "cleanliness and neatness don't hurt either" (Morris 1975,7-8). So the foot soldiers of the cause, well-heeled and well-scrubbed, are set in motion" (Kitcher, P. 1982, p. 2, Abusing Science. The MIT press.) One thing that I am interested in knowing is if Henry Morris is still the director of the Institute for Creation Research? I ask because most of the books that I've had an opportunity to read, like Abusing Science and Scientists Confront Creationism are both from the early 80's. There are many references to Henry Morris in both, but from what I see, most of his work was in the early to mid 70's. Another question is if the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Life Publishers are still in operation? Brian --- FMail 0.94 * Origin: The Main Frame BBS! Eldred, NY (914)557-3567 (1:272/85)


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